FixIn at TigerTom’s near Carlisle

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The spring B.A.S.H. event will be hosted by Tiger Tom this year. It will be conveniently coincident with the Import / Kit Car show at Carlisle.

The theme will be “The B.A.S.H. goes back to it’s Rootes.”
The way it started, a “FIX-IN”
Bring your tools and spares!

TT will be introducing Sunbeam Valve Cover Racing so start putting wheels on those valve covers.

Basic rules: Anything goes as long as it meets these criteria:

Valve Cover Design Rules

  • No propulsion mechanisms or moving weights.
  • Covers must have four wheels with non-metallic surface contacting the track.
  • Wheels can be attached to the cover in any manner and can not extend past front of valve cover.
  • Covers shall be actual Sunbeam/Ford valve cover.
  • Appearance alterations encouraged


  • 30 inch maximum length.
  • 15 inch maximum width.
  • 10 inch maximum height.
  • 10 pounds maximum.
  • Lowest valve cover surface ¾” or more above track surface

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