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      The spring B.A.S.H. event will be hosted by Tiger Tom this year. It will be conveniently coincident with the Import / Kit Car show at Carlisle.

      The theme will be "The B.A.S.H. goes back to it’s Rootes". The way it started, a "FIX-IN"
      Bring your tools and spares!

      TT will be introducing Sunbeam Valve Cover Racing so start putting wheels on those valve covers.
      Here’s the basic rules, and anything
      goes as long as it meets these criteria:


      • No propulsion mechanisms or moving weights.
      • Covers must have four wheels with non-metallic surface contacting the track.
      • Wheels can be attached to the cover in any manner and can not extend past front of valve cover.
      • Covers shall be actual Sunbeam/Ford valve cover.
      • Appearance alterations encouraged


      • 30 inch maximum length.
      • 15 inch maximum width.
      • 10 inch maximum height.
      • 10 pounds maximum.
      • Lowest valve cover surface ¾” or more above track surface

      Keep your eyes on this thread for more information as plans develop.

      I’m chuffed !

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      I’m confused… will the BASH be "at Carlisle"? … or just at the same time?

      (seems like I should find a room there… if I go to "Import Carlisle", "Ford Carlisle", and "GM Carlisle" 🙄 )

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      BASH headquarters will be at Tiger Tom’s North of Annville, 30-40 min drive from Carlisle . We plan to go back to our roots (Rootes) and have an old fashion Fix-In. Bring something broke. There will be enough talent, wisdom and experience to fix anything.

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      We should be there – lookin’ forward to it already.
      Always a good time at TT’s Place 😀


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      A good time this year is a valve cover with wheels. Classes for all generations.
      Young Sunbeamer: Ages up to 18
      Wild Sunbeamer: Ages 19 to 50
      Tired Sunbeamer: Age 51 up
      We need more young and wild Beamer’s? What do you think about offering a free BASH registration to them if they bring and race a valve cover?

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      More BASH info!

      38th Annual BASH
      Sat 18 May, 2013
      “Where Sunbeams and friends meet”

      The 38th annual spring BASH is going back to its Rootes, the way it started, a FIX-IN at Tiger Tom’s and Joanne’s in Annville, PA. Bring something broke! There will be enough talent, experience and wisdom in our ranks to heal anything. Valve Cover Racing will be a centerpiece of excitement. Think Pine Wood Derby on steroids. Take your favorite valve cover, add wheels and go racing. Sunbeam valve covers encouraged or use brand X, but bring a valve cover on wheels. Classes for all ages. See simple rules.

      As usual, the BASH will be an enriching family experience. We will begin with our early arrivals on Friday the 17th by taking an excursion through the ONLY canal tunnel in the United States, the Union Canal Tunnel. (Google Union Canal Tunnel) followed by a Dutch treat dinner.

      Saturday starts whenever Sunbeams show up in the morning….dawn? Or the first owner brings something broke. We’ll have a nice catered hot lunch and a picnic for those staying for supper. This IS the day where friends with a Sunbeams meet old and new friends. The BASH is conveniently scheduled the same weekend as Import Carlisle; But be sure to sell your parts at the BASH swap meet. There will also be activities to engage the whole family, kids, grandkids, and old codgers, even side trips to Hershey events during the BASH.

      Please register before Saturday May 4th ,however we still welcome drive-ins. Side dishes and desserts are requested if you can. Last names beginning A to L, please bring a dessert and M to Z a side dish.

      Call 717-832-1116 for BASH info.

      NAME(s):__________________________________________ ________________________
      Address: __________________________________________________ ________________
      __________________________________________________ ________________
      Contact info (phone or email)____________________________________________ ______

      Saturday BASH & FIX-IN: $20/person X ____= _____
      Friday (Union Canal Tunnel Experience): $6/person X ____= _____
      TOTAL: _____
      Make payable and send to: Tiger Tom’s, 1924 Black’s Bridge Road, Annville PA 17003

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      Do not forget VALVE COVER RACING at the BASH. Can’t race without a valve cover, so bring one with wheels. Sunbeam preferred but not required. Open to any valve or engine side covers, but Sunbeam valve covers are cool.

      Classes for: Young Sunbeamer: Ages up to 18
      Wild Sunbeamer: Ages 19 to 50
      Tired Sunbeamer: Age 51 up

      Anything goes as long as it meets these criteria:
       No propulsion mechanisms or moving weights.
       Covers must have four wheels with non-metallic surface contacting the track.
       Wheels can be attached in any manner. Can not extend past front of valve cover.
       Covers shall be actual valve or side (flat heads) cover from an automobile engine.
       Appearance alterations encouraged
      SPECIFICATIONS: (with wheels)
       30 inch maximum length
       15 inch maximum width.
       10 inch maximum height.
       10 pounds maximum.
       Lowest valve cover surface ¾” or more above track surface

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      Lori and Dave Noyes

      This sounds like so much fun…but Kevin’s graduation from KU is that same day, so we will not be able to make it. (How did that 4 years go so fast?!) We hope to see everyone soon.


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      Lori and Dave Noyes

      Dave had a thought/question… any chance the "fixes" could ve videoed and posted as a resource?


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      I’m not one of those people walking around with a camera an as extension of my eye socket. But it’s a good point Lori. I usually make it a point to capture people who capture photos at our events. We’ll certainly capture the essence of the event, skinned knuckles, tears and joy.

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      Hi guys,
      I’ve never been to a BASH and this is at someone’s house. Is that right? Is there a hotel/motel nearby or tenting in the back yard or…?????

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      Ron – Tiger Tom has more of an "estate" type setting (vs. your average "house") – it will be great for this event.
      The BASH is always a good time, we’ve been to most since 1985. As noted, back in its "roots", the event used to alternate between the Woerth estate and Tiger Tom & Joanne’s place.
      This location is close to Hershey and Lebanon PA… should be pretty easy to find a place to stay nearby.
      The 25th BASH was held there back in 2000, it was a fantastic time. I was still using 35mm film for pictures back then, so no easily posted pix… maybe someone else will chime in??
      Hope to see you there.

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      Thanks for the reply, Mark. I appreciate it. I’m gonna try to make it.

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      We do have different levels of lodging about 10 min from here. Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Hampton Inn. Days Inn recently refurbished.All are decent. All are at Grantville exit 80 of I-81. I suspect most will be staying at Days Inn.

      Here are the local #’s. Holiday: 717-469-0661; Hampton: 717-469-7689; Days: 717-469-0631

      If BASH registration $ can not be sent in time, Please let me know how many, including names, are planing to attend so I can plan accordingly. Hate to see attendee’s starve.


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      Thanks Tom

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      Here is my favorite picture from the B.A.S.H. in 2000 at Tiger Tom’s… I took it off the wall in the garage and scanned it in. That should give anyone who wasn’t there an idea of the 2012 BASH venue.
      Yes, it is an "aerial" shot – I took it thru the canopy of the helicopter 😮
      The actual house is not shown in this photo.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      with the import festival at carlisle being the same weekend as the bash,i would suggest making hotel reservations ASAP. the hotels within a ten to twenty mile radius of carlisle are usually booked solid far in advance.

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      Just found out today, my neighbor across the lane from me in the woods will have two rooms available for her new B&B in time for BASH. Her name is Jan Keim. Husband Russ. PH # ….Shucks, I just found out her ph# changed. Will report correct # later.

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      Here’s info on neighbors B & B. They have two rooms available. One a king and one queen bed. Both have private baths. One ensuite. Includes breakfast. $145 and $125. Chocolate Cottage 717-602-4003 Jan and Russ Keim

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      Great photo Mark! I forgot to take my camera on the helicopter ride. I can even ID some of the cars in the photo. What a fun weekend that was. Eric

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      Just a public service announcement for those traveling to the BASH this weekend. Due to a tractor trailer accident last week there’s a bridge damaged that has closed Interstate 81 near the Rt-322 interchange just north of Harrisburg. (This is west of Tiger Tom’s.) It doesn’t look like a quick-fix, and there may be traffic detours extending past next week as well. I-81 traffic is presently being routed to the PA Turnpike and Interstate 83. Travel between the West Shore and East Shore of the Susquehanna River is presently a slow experience on the detour via I-83, but it does move.

      Those traveling from the East should have no problems getting to/from the BASH.

      Watch the 511 site for further updates and present traffic conditions.

      Travel safely everyone!

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      Well,eventhough I’m having probs w/the Alpine, It just wants to die at random intervels, I’m going to try to make it. Seems electrical. I think my wife is coming with me. Anyone coming up, from the Baltimore area,( I95 to 695 to I83) Saturday morning? Perhaps we could meet up and caravan.

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      Kerch and Joe McConolog in their Alpine, Joe Paralani and a couple others I think of at moment. Too busy at moment to check. Let me know if you need more info. Will get back to you late this eve.

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      Thanks Tom, wish me luck.

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      you do nit need luck, just bravado. Remember, this is a Fix-In…….bring something broke and a Valve Cove with wheels. TT

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      Well, got the bravado, this will be my longest trip, since I got her on the road. I won’t say my baby is broke, but she does need some attention 😆 I just made reservations w/Jan, at the B&B, for Saturday night. I’ll be bringing the Alpine, my wife is driving her (non-classic) mini. I don’t think she trusts the Alpine 👿 😆
      Sniffle! I don’t have an extra valve cover, 😳 so will have to be spectator.
      See ya, Saturday…I hope 😀

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      The Fix In has started a bit early. We’ve already fixed Harry’s rear brake adjuster.

      See everyone soon!

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      Seems like a "good time was had by all"!
      Nice turnout, SUPER JOB by the hosts – THANKS, and the rain even held off until it was time to leave.
      Had a great time chatting, checking out cars, eating, and watching the valve cover racing… and did I mention the great food? :mrgreen:
      I was really admiring that black car with the AACA "senior" badge, too.

      Mark & Nancy

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      Thanks to Tiger Tom, Joanne, and family for a great BASH! We met some folks we have not seen in a long time too. After the valve cover racing, swap meet, videos, lunch, and awards the upcoming United was discussed and it looks like it will be another great event-see you there! Eric

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      Thanks for the pix – you can see (or re-live) the entire event!

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      My apologies for not posting this thank you, earlier, but I had Alpine issues, I wanted to deal with first.
      So, THANK YOU, Tiger Tom and Joanne for hosting BASH, and to all those who helped make it a success. Linda and I had a very good time. The B&B you recommended, The Chocolate Cottage, was also very nice and recommended.
      On a personal note, thank you for the assistance fixing a couple issues and giving me suggestions for others. Thanks, as well for letting me put my Alpine, out of the possible rain and in your garage overnite, especially since overnight turned to 3 days.
      As mentioned above, I had some problems getting home. Once I got on the highways, I had a lot of problems w/it wanting to wander all over the road. I hadn’t had any problems, w/that, on way up so I didn’t know what was going on, since I’d had it aligned just last year. Not knowing in which lane I was going to end up in made for quite a white knuckle drive home. I was actually glad to get into Baltimore Beltway traffic, so I could slow down.
      I’ll go into a little more detail about what happened in "Stock Alpine", shortly.
      Thanks again,

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      Thanks for Thanks Ron. It’s our pleasure. Look forward to "why?" you are a wanderer!!

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      😀 Tom. I put what happened in Rants and Raves and continued in Tech Tips.

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      I’ll ck out R&R. BTW Ron, My neighbor asked that I correct the name of her establishment to Chocolate Cottage B&B.

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      quote tigertoms:

      I’ll ck out R&R. BTW Ron, My neighbor asked that I correct the name of her establishment to Chocolate Cottage B&B.

      Please apologize to her, for my error.

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