by Steve Finberg

The existing mesh filter in the fuel pump has never seemed satisfactory to me. First, it is too coarse to keep fine crud out of the carburetor needle valves, and second, because large crud from the fuel tanks can clog the fuel pump at the right-angle inlet before the mesh. A standard replaceable, cartridge-type, inline fuel filter can be added in the line before the fuel pump.

The fuel line is removed from the pump and a 6 inch piece of 5/16th” gas line is slipped over it, leaving the compression ferrule in place. Secure it with a hose clamp. Together, they are attached to the firewall brace tubes with a nylon wire tie.

Gently bend the gas line as necessary. A 5/16″ inline fuel filter connects from there with 18″ of 5/16″ gas line to the pump. At the pump, 2 1/2″ of copper 5/16″ O.D. tubing and a compression fitting completes the installation. All connections should be secured with hose clamps.

fuel-filter-schematicIn addition to permitting the use of an inexpensive inline fuel filter, there are several additional advantages.

  • It prevents gravity feed, since the end of the line is now higher than the tank when secured by the brace.
  • It isolates the fuel line from the vibration of the engine.
  • It provides art easy point for an emergency gas tank connection in the event of a fuel line blockage. While on the road, I have found it almost impossible to remove the fuel line at the pump, especially the plastic line found on Series V Alpines.


This fix can also be applied to earlier model Alpines that utilize the same mechanical-type Solex fuel pump. If the fuel shut-off is still attached to your pump, simply remove it and proceed according to the above directions.

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