1 2The 38th annual Original British Car Day took place on Sunday June 7th at Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamstown, MD. This event has become a mini-tradition for the Chesapeake region members and we had a good turnout this year with 28 people attending. Six Tigers and two Alpines represented the marque with a strong showing for our hosts, The Chesapeake Chapter of the New England MG T Register. Thank God Wayne Pierzga showed up with his white MkII Tiger to save me from being the only non-red car there!

Once again, Ronnie Silber and I (Joe Parlanti) provided Italian sausage and pepper sandwiches for all the attendees. Everyone enjoyed the food and we were the envy of the event.3

4Everyone had a great time and the awards were handed out. Jim Lindner graciously removed his fantastic early Tiger from competition this year to give the rest of us a chance. Top honors in Tigers went to Ed Mallon and I brought home the 2nd place award. Paul Pusateri took home the trophy for best Alpine which has been getting better every time I see it.5

6Paul Pusateri had left before the awards so we don’t have a photo of him with the award.

See you all next year!




Ed takes home the big plate…





And me, the slightly smaller one.



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