Today, Dr Mayf (aka, Larry Mayfield) of Pahrump, NV drove his Sunbeam (shall we say…”modified”) Series V Alpine to a speed of 204.912 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, NV.

During the World of Speed event, September 16, 2010 he finally beat the 203.792 mph speed that Sir Henry Segrave ran in 1927. Sir Henry’s record, in his wire wheel, chain driven Sunbeam, was set on the sands of Daytona Beach.

Larry/DrMayf has been working for this day since he bought a rust bucket Alpine from a neighbor when he was working in Huntsville, AL in late summer of 1997. Needless to say he and his lovely wife/best friend/crew chief/co-owner/and many other titles and hats, Cathy are ecstatic.

I must add, he was only running to pass the 1927 Land Speed Record and become the World’s Fastest Sunbeam, and he’s done it!!!


His website:
His email: dr****@ma****.com
A nice background article by Ed Eslinger

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