by Tom Ehrhart

If you’re like me, you sometimes get fed up with our two-speed (slow and slower) windshield wipers, especially when you encounter a deluge so extreme that you have to pull over and wait out the worst of the rain because your equipment just can’t handle it. Well, short of trying to soup?up your wiper motor, there’s a little goodie on the market that will enable you to cope with excessive moisture with ease.

It’s called RAIN-X, “the invisible windshield wiper.” I mean to tell you, this stuff is amazing. It comes in a yellow 7 1/2 ounce bottle for around $5., but one bottle will last several years. It’s some long-chain polymer that, when on auto glass, “forms a super slick rain repellent coating” that make rain bead for an aerodynamic run-off and amazing visibility. RAIN-X actually works, unlike too many cure-alls ­from-a-can. You can literally drive in a downpour at night without wipers and still have full visibility. If you have trouble finding RAIN-X at the usual places, try checking at a truck stop.

Thanks to Mr. Finespanner of the Austin-Healy Sports and Touring Club (AHSTC) from whom this tidbit is pirated.

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