United XV
Charleston, SC

by Bobbi Woerth

We were early arrivals at the Marriott. As we pulled into the lot we saw Eric Gibeaut sans Sunbeam running around with last minute details demanding his attention, and he was grinning from ear to ear. [An aside about Eric and Joe: These two accepted a gargantuan task late-on and turned it into one of the best Uniteds ever-and both were totally pleasant and hospitable throughout the weekend. And to finish the event remarked what great fun, let’s do it in Charleston again soon!]

More and more Sunbeam enthusiasts began to arrive and United XV was off and running. Thursday’s main happening was the Bessinger’s Cruise-In for dinner. We all made a 5 mile dash to Bessinger’s Barbeque for some totally delicious Southern style cuisine. Even the folks who made a long turn (there is no wrong turn in the Sunbeam dictionary), got plenty to eat and relaxed with the crowd of fellow Sunbeam lovers over a meal as diversified as our group itself. Delicious! Then, back to our HQ at the Marriott and an evening of making new acquaintances and renewing old ones!

Friday brought more `Beamers rolling in and the Hospitality Suite reopening with the beginning of the TE/AE consumption of 100,000 donuts rounded up by the only other “locals” Jerry and Angela Glasoe (Goose Creek, SC). The Parts Room swung into action with morning sales boosted by some fast and heavy showers (weather stripping became an instant big seller!). Next, we were off and running for a guided bus tour of Charleston, -well done and truly informative tour of our host city. Tech sessions, the harbor cruise/dinner, and late night chat in the hospitality suite rounded out another day in Charleston.

Saturday, TE/AE members tore towards our goal of 100,000 donuts as the Hospitality Suite opened. Late arrivals registered, the parts room opened and members polished their cars to a blinding shine in preparation for our trek to Charles Towne Landing and the CONCOURS! We all made it under our own steam or with a helping hand (Ian and Tom’s Excellent Sunbeam Adventure in Vol.18, No.2). Eric and Joe arranged for the first ever panoramic photo of the Sunbeams shot from the roof of the Schulte’s “borrowed” motor home. (If you would like a copy of this photo, they are still available. Specify if you want cars only or with owners, cost still $30 for one or $55 for both from Crabtree Photographics, P.O. Box 1452, Morgantown, WV 26507. The 52″ x 10″ panoramic photos are really sharp looking!)

The Concours and catered luncheon (more addictive Southern style cooking …oh the calories!) at a beautiful, historic location on a perfect day all went too fast. Back to the Marriott for more late afternoon parts swapping and then the preparation for our annual awards banquet. The reception and banquet added to our southern experience (and girth-we should have scheduled a slot for the motel gym, Losing to the Oldies with Eric & Joe…). And then the much awaited awards. An eerie hush settled over the crowd as Steve Hansen pulled the lucky winners of door prizes-much coveted United VIII belt buckles, Triflo, FelPro caps, T-shirts and some much needed and gratefully accepted Sunbeam goodies plus Marriott gift certificates were handed out to the oohing and aahing audience. Then Mike Smith our Concours Chairman took the podium to announce the Concours results:

Stock Tiger

  • 1st – Dave Nelson, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2nd – Mark & Nancy Petri, Mt. Royal, NJ
  • 3rd – Gord Foss, Ontario, Canada

Stock Alpine

  • 1st – Scott & Bobbi Woerth, Christiana, PA
  • 2nd – Bob & Judy Sharkey, Ocean View, NJ
  • 3rd – Dan & Ellen Hodges, Poughkeepsie, NY

Personalized Tiger

  • 1st – Jim Morrison, Orlando, FL
  • 2nd – John & Jean Webber, Altamonte Springs, FL.
  • 3rd – Barry Schonberger, Evansville, IN

Personalized Alpine

  • 1st – Lenwood Rochelle, Jacksonville, NC
  • 2nd – Alan Hunt, Quebec, Canada
  • 3rd – Ian Spencer, Dayton, OH

Modified Sunbeam

  • 1st – Jerry & Chris Porsch, Casselberry, FL
  • 2nd – Spencer & Patricia Bollard, Westminster, CO
  • 3rd – Wally Swift, Beltsville, MD

Most Popular – Tiger

  • 1st – Terry Schulte, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2nd – Gord Foss, Ontario, Canada
  • 3rd – Dave Nelson, Sioux Falls, SD

Most Popular – Alpine

  • 1st – Lenwood Rochell, Jacksonville, NC
  • 2nd – Scott & Bobbi Woerth, Christians, PA
  • 3rd – Dan & Ellen Hodges, Poughkeepsie, NY

A special thank you to Mike and Linda Smith for all the work on the concours and to the following judges: Scott Woerth, Dave Spiwak, Teresa Spiwak, Jerry Porsch, Jim McKinnon, John Logan, Doug Jennings and Linda Hansen.

Saturday night at a United always has a sad note.

It is realization time that the United is winding down with only hours left. After the banquet socializing in the hospitality suite and parts room carried us into the wee hours. A bit of rest refreshed all to again attack our 100,000 donut goal in the a.m. hospitality suite before attending the annual membership meeting (it would be interesting to learn how many gallons of soda, coffee, beer and o.j. are consumed at a United-perhaps a prize could be awarded to the nearest guess). After the meeting, we headed for the autocross at the Charleston Naval Shipyard. A day of intense fun was had by all (as covered in Vol. 17, No. 10).

United XV finished with plenty of pleasant memories for all. A big thank you to the host city of Charleston-it is a great place, for a United or vacation. Hats off to Eric Gibeaut and Joe McLaughlin for being our coordinating team and a thanks to those who supported the effort: Hugh Cannon, Eric’s Mini Cooper buddy who designed United XV logo; local members Jerry and Angela Glasoe, for working so hard to bring us the hospitality suite munchies; Jim D’Amelio, for organizing the parts room; the Hansen’s, for locating such great door prizes; the door prize donors, for their generosity time after time; Dave Noutilla, Jerry Belding & Steve Earhart, Eric & Joe’s co-workers who manned the hospitality suite and Jerry for the video coverage; Wally Swift, for the autocross; Dan for filling in for Dave (sounds kind of Olympic); and all the others who helped make XV a memorable United. Joe McLaughlin gets a special hug for spending so much of his 50th birthday weekend seeing to everyone’s enjoyable visit to his fair city. All in all a great experience-Eric and Joe said they had so much fun they wanted to do it again soon. Eric has restated this sentiment since, and maybe our next southern United will once again bring us to Charleston, South Carolina.

Every United sees the presentation of the Lord Rootes trophy to a member of TE/AE. The recipient must be a member in good standing, attending the United with car. Other determining factors are demonstrated commitment to the club/marque, active promotion of the marque, and performance of service for TE/AE. 1992/93 recipient was Barry Schonberger: past president, avid autocrosser, tech manual team member, organizer/coordinator of Indy United and a definite plus to the TE/AE membership rolls with his constant support and assistance time after time. Congratulations to Barry and thank you for all your contributions to our club and our marque.

United XV Autocross!

The last day of United XV was certainly variety plus for many members. It was a day full of goodbyes and winding down for all with the exception of those who braved the threatening skies to AUTOCROSS! The site was the Charleston Naval Shipyard-an excellent choice for a good run. Autocross organizer/coordinator, Wally Swift, teamed up with the local SCCA (South Carolina Region) to produce a long day of car runs and fun for all participants. Event organizers, Eric Gibeaut and Joe “Birthday Boy” McLaughlin, both were on site to cheer for our Sunbeam team and provide soda/munchies until someone inadvertently took off with the cooler.

The Keith Porter Award (the autocross trophies for fastest run by Alpine member and by Tiger member) goes to Jerry Dinser – Tiger and Wally Swift – Alpine. Take a look at our pictures and next time YOU can try your skills. If you are hesitant, just ask someone who was there about the fun–rumor has it that two novices (Gord and Mark, we won’t mention last names) wanted to continue until dark… Well, it was fun and, incidentally, it did not rain!

Car# Driver Car
Keith Porter Trophy Best Times B Street Prepared D Street Prepared C




(Ladies Street Pre-
1 Doug Bullard (E Mod) Alpine V6 2600cc 140.103 2nd
3 Tom Calvert C Stock Tiger 289 C.I. 141.790 2nd
4 Barry Schongerger B.S.P. Tiger 289 C.I. 138.405
5 Jerry Dinser B.S.P. Tiger Fastest
133.050 2nd
7 Gord Foss C Stock Tiger 260 C.I. 141.984 3rd
8 Gerald Ponsch C Stock Tiger 302 C.I. 151.337
9 Bill Noack B.S.P. Tiger 302 C.I. 132.931 1st
10 Bob Harper B.S.P. Tiger 289 C.I. DNF
11 Alan Hunt E Stock Alpine 1592 cc 142.409 1st
13 John Kathmann B.S.P. Tiger 260 C.I. 135.881 3rd
15 Bill Barnett C Stock Tiger 260 C.I. 145.154
17 Scott Woerth C Stock Tiger 260 C.I. 133.106 1st
18 Mark Petri C Stock Tiger 302 C.I. 142.552
19 James McKinnon E Stock Alpine 1725 cc 210.876 2nd
28 Wally Swift D.S.P. Alpine 1725 cc Fastest Alpine 135.739 1st
30 Gary Schotland B.S.P. Tiger 260 C.I. 146.546
31 Katie Kathmann B.S.P. Tiger 260 C.I. 143.804 1st
32 Dave Evansky E Stock Alpine 1725 cc DNF

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