– Tom Hillmann

It was a beautiful Saturday on June 9th when the NJ Triumphs Association once again held their Touch of England all Brit show on the park like grounds of the old Victorian mansion in HoHoKus NJ known as The Hermitage.

While Rick McCurdy brought his Tiger to the Bash a few weeks ago, he brought a sleek Lotus to this event. Sy Block brought his newly repainted Palm Beach Alpine and Tom Hillmann brought his Tiger “FUNCAT”.

As always, the Sunbeams were a nice relief from the normal MG, Triumph, Healy and Jaquar marques. Although mixed in were Lotus, Morgan, Rover, Humber and British motorcycles.

Of course, Sy once again took 1st place in Sunbeam and peoples choice, Tom took Sunbeam second, and Rick placed first  among some stiff competition in the Lotus class.

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At least they had a Class for Sunbeams or it could be Rootes Group as well. I have been working (suggesting strongly) to the organizers of the British Invasion of Stowe and the British Motorcar Festival in Bristol, RI to give us a class for many years, and we would show up. It has fell on deaf ears for 20+ years.

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