from the April 1977 RootesReview:


Here’s a fix long overdue on a many Tigers. Unfortunately, the good ole coat hanger has worked for a long time allowing this little task to be set aside. Imagine, a coat hanger holding a Tiger together. How disgraceful!!

Here’s all you do. Pick up (that’s buy) a bike brake cable with a threaded end at your local bicycle shop. Then follow instructions provided in the illustration below:

accelerator cable

  1. Adjust (that’s bend, folks) cable , mounting bracket so the cable has minimum deflection from idle to full throttle.
  2. Prepare two #10 pan head screws with a hole drilled through head in direction shown. Hole size should be just large to accommodate the cable. Or, if you’re lucky and still have the original “L” shaped end pieces, do this. Cut off section with cable using a hack saw, making sure to leave enough rod for a new cable hole to be drilled. Cable is now ready to be soldered in place, but first clean the cable with a solvent and then pre-tin both parts before assembling. And don’t forget to insert the cable through the housing before connecting it to the last end piece.

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