United XXXIII – Car Cruise

On Friday the roads of the Boyne City area were filled with Sunbeams. In the morning the group was split into two to alternate the visits to Van Dam Boats and Classic Instruments. Both were very interesting operations, and definitely upscale.  Afterwards the group reconvened for a luncheon at Little Traverse Bay Country Club, then (more…)

United XXXIII – Sunset Cruise

On Friday evening about 70 of the group took a sunset cruise on the Kewanee Star. From the boat we could get a unique view of the scenery around Boyne City.The trip was spent reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. This wrapped up the evening for those who didn’t return to the Hospitality (more…)

United XXXIII – 2014

Sept 11 – 14, 2014 – Boyne Mountain, MI by John Logan, Sr. One hundred and five attendees and 40 Rootes vehicles plus other cars made it up to the top of Lower Michigan for the TE/AE 2014 XXXIII United, and it was loaded with activities. During the event, we had a Car Cruise, a (more…)