Sept 11 – 14, 2014 – Boyne Mountain, MI

by John Logan, Sr.

One hundred and five attendees and 40 Rootes vehicles plus other cars made it up to the top of Lower Michigan for the TE/AE 2014 XXXIII United, and it was loaded with activities. During the event, we had a Car Cruise, a Boat Cruise, Lunches and Dinners, a Concours, Meetings, an Autocross, a Sunday Outing, a Technical Session, a great Hospitality Room, a Parts Room and, of course, the Banquet.

Lining up for the Friday cruise.
Lining up for the Friday cruise.

 Car Cruise

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On Friday, after a trip to the well stocked Hospitality room, the 104 mile car cruise started with our first stops led by John Logan Jr. and Dick Collie to a tour of the Van Dam Custom Boats and the Classic Instruments factory.

van dam - 2
The group looking over one of the boats

Classic Instruments repairs and makes instruments for classic cars. They also make specially designed instruments to match the interiors of show cars. No, Jill Jennings, they don’t make classical musical instruments.

The group admiring the custom made instruments
Admiring the custom made instruments

Our next stop was at the historic Little Traverse Bay Country Club for lunch. The Country Club had a great buffet spread.

Traverse Bay Country Club
Traverse Bay Country Club

Sunset Cruise

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To end the day, we had dinner on our own, followed by an evening boat cruise for seventy two attendees around Lake Charlevoix. Then to the Hospitality room and Parts room to renew friendships, discuss cars and parts and have some snacks and drink.


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The Concours on Saturday was in a large tree-lined park along Lake Charlevoix in Boyne City. There were about 40 judged and non- judged Rootes vehicles on display.

Some of the cars lined up for concours judging
Some of the cars lined up for concours judging
Concours Personalized Alpines
Concours Personalized Alpines

 Bob Sharkey ran the Concours and announced the following awards at the banquet:

Stock Alpine:

Stock Tiger:

Personalized Alpine:

Personalized Tiger:

Rare Rootes:

Diamond in the Rough:

Longest Distance Driven to the United in a Rootes Vehicle:

Most Desirable Alpine:

Most Desirable Tiger:

Most Desirable Rare Rootes:

Most Desirable Rootes Vehicle:

The “Shoes” for Most Problems:


Pam Jeffers conducted a Board Meeting and the General Membership Meeting. The highlight was a proposal presented by Eric Gibeaut, Jean and Bob Webb, and Doug Jennings for having the 2015 United in Dayton Ohio. There were also the Parking Lot Meetings.

Sunday Autocross

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Barry Schonberger ran another of his outstanding Autocross events. The Autocross was held in one of the Boyne Mountain’s parking lots so there was no long drive to get there. Barry had 10 cars that signed up, but only 9 ran as one driver could not get a helmet to fit. There was a lot of time so each
driver got ten laps to hone their techniques.

Volunteers assembling for the autocross
Volunteers assembling for the autocross

Barry announced the following awards at the banquet:

Stock Alpine:

Stock Tiger:

Street Prepared Tiger:

Modified Alpine:

Modified Tiger:

Sunday Outing

Laurie Logan and Mary Lara led the way to the City of Charlevoix in Laurie’s 54 Alpine with at least two other Sunbeams and 22 members. They started off with lunch at the historic Weather Vane Restaurant with views of boats passing between Round Lake and Lake Michigan. After a fantastic lunch it was off to shopping in Charlevoix’s many unique shops along its main street. Some people did a short self-guided tour of the Mushroom houses designed by Earl Young. A good time was had by all.

Technical Session

Doug Jennings gave his outstanding slide presentation on the repair of John Logan’s Tiger. John Logan gave his slide description of building a 1/10th scale Tiger model. Art Bonsignore gave a slide description on wheel stud torque.

John Logan Sr's detailed model of his Tiger
John Logan Sr’s detailed model of his Tiger


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The Banquet was held at the Boyne Mountain Resort so no transportation was required. They served a Buffet which included an outstanding roast beef and Michigan Great Lakes white fish. Approximately 30 door prizes were awarded, and in addition to the Concours and Autocross awards, the following Special Club Awards were announced by Pam Jeffers.

Banquet - 6

Wally J Swift Award:

  • John Logan Jr

Keith Porter Awards:

  • Alpine: Joe McConlogue
  • Tiger: Hugh Guynes

Lord Rootes Trophy:

  • John Logan Jr.

The banquet ended at a record 9:15 PM and most members headed for the Hospitality and Parts Rooms.

The following members contributed to the United to make it a success:

Art & Barbara Bonsignore: Door prizes and goodie bag items, help with registration
Tom & Pam Jeffers: Registration, help at event, Co hosts of event
John & Laurie Logan: Hospitality, hotel, boat cruise, all things United, Co hosts
Bob & Judy Sharkey: Concours
Rick & Mary Lara: Trophies, shirts, dash plaques
Dick & Julie Collie: Help with car tour, hospitality
Barry & Angie Schonberger: Autocross chairman
Ranney & Sallie Dohogne: Chairman of TACing vehicles
Tom & Kathy Calvert: TAC judge
Eric & Bonnie Gibeaut: Publicity, Chairman parts room
John & Gwen Logan Sr: Art work and help at the event.