Barry Schonberger passed along the following tip to TE/AE members:

In the process of updating and improving our beloved Tigers for competitive use, we should all employ Grade 8 lock nuts and bolts at high stress areas. During this process, you may be faced with the problems of high cost, the request to purchase in large quantities only, and a limited stock of sizes.

A quick and easy solution to this dilemma is to visit your friendly local CATERPILLAR dealer. Every thing CAT lists is at least Grade 8. Their standard bolt has a proof load of 120,000 PSI and a tensile strength of 150,000 PSI. Their high strength standard bolts have a 140,000 PSI proof load and a 170,000 PSI tensile strength. The nuts and locknuts share the same specifications. Their prices are very reasonable and the selection is wide. Their stock covers both coarse and fine threads, and a variety of self-locking bolts also is available. Most dealers are able to supply overnight delivery on out-of-stock items.

And, for the Tiger owner who really likes detail, these bolts have class-each has the word CAT forged right into the head!