by Raymond Lynch, D.M.D

The mystery has been solved! Doctors Randall and Smith, take note.

Before sticking my hands into a Tiger’s mouth, I liberally apply Protec by DuPont, a white cream available at auto-supply and plumbing supply stores. I push some extra cream under the fingernails and give it time to dry before beginning.

Secondly, buy a box of “examination gloves” from a dental or medical supply house which you can find listed in the yellow pages. These gloves are extremely thin, and will not affect your tactile sensitivity. Further, after five or ten minutes, the fingertips will tear away from your thumb and forefinger. Keep the torn gloves on. When you’ve finished working, you will usually have only three or four dirty fingertips instead of two filthy hands. The Protec makes the cleanup of these very easy.

One more tip: An ultrasonic cleaner will do a fantastic job of rejuvenating your front and rear tum signal lenses, and license plate light lenses. Ten minutes in my ultrasonic made mine sparkle like new. Ultrasonic cleaners are used by every dentist, jeweler, and many opticians. Pack up your lenses, and go remind your dentist how much your last crown cost! Any Tiger/Alpine people in my area are invited to drop in and use mine.