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Journey to your U.S.A roots in your U.K. ROOTES
Plan for a family vacation destination


Volunteer opportunities still available


Tigers East / Alpines East has sponsored “United’s” for twenty three years. This year, the twenty fourth, Tigers East / Alpines East is embarking on its first partnership with other ROOTES clubs within its demographic area. Participation of these clubs validates the definition and spirit of the term “UNITED”. Club partners that make it truly a SUNBEAM UNITED event this first time for all ROOTES vehicles are, Brotherhood of The Three Spires, Jan Eyerman, Founder Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America, Ian Spencer, Founder & President Sunbeam Rapier Registry, James Mazour, Founder Sunbeam Sportscar Owners Club of Canada, Doug Ritchie, President


To provide an opportunity for Rootes vehicles to be driven, enjoyed and displayed enmasse; Educate owners about the ROOTES marque through tech sessions and awards sponsored by each club; Opportunities for owner interaction, PLT (Parking Lot Time); A family atmosphere that fosters future generation’s interest in the Rootes heritage; Regional cultural ventures that pay respect to our American roots; Build new lasting friendships and enhance old ones. And finally, have a darn good time doing it all.


(Hospitality lounge open all days and evenings except as noted)

25 September
26 September
27 September
28 September
29 September
Bus tour to, Harley Davidson Plant & Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield. Box lunch provided * Tour Pennsylvania Capitol and its Governance Concours d’Elegance & All Rootes Show @ Nat’l Civil War Museum Lunch provided TEAE membership mtg. Farewells in the AM
PLT local tours TBD Hospitality/Parts closed Autocross Final PLT
Dinner: Local restaurants PLT Rootes drive-in, W/ Meal PLT
Welcome Reception Light buffet, refreshments & Cash bar Mountain Rallye Hot Air Balloon Flight winner departs ** Parts
PLT Parts Open Hot air Balloon chase Auction
PLT Free Helicopter rides Tech sessions
Tech Sessions Outdoor movie @ Tiger Tom’s. Sound via your Sunbeam radio. Local tours TBD
PLT Snacks PLT
Concours Judges mtg. Games United banquet in new AACA Automobile and bus Museum

* Available to the first 100 registrants
** Weather permitting. Flight may occur during another time of United to accommodate weather conditions. $300 to winning couple if weather prevents flight.
PLT= Parking Lot Time……..the roots of a SUNBEAM UNITED, the time you get to know your Rootes and establish new roots by talking with other owners.
TBD= To be determined


Here is a virtual finger walking tour of what you can expect at SUNBEAM UNITED XXIV. Click on a highlighted item to learn more about it.

The Sunbeam United XXIV is designed to provide; An opportunity to drive your Sunbeam each day with others, Ample Parking Lot Talk Time (PLT) for show-n-tell and learning; Group activities and socializing; Educational experiences; Parts availability, Just good times; exceptional security for your Rootes heritage and the most hospitable car and people friendly convention facilities ever experienced at a Sunbeam United. Sunbeam United XXIV headquarters will be at the Harrisburg – Hershey Marriott Hotel in Harrisburg PA. DO NOT make lodging arrangements at this site. Large guest rooms typically have two queen beds or one king bed with a pull out sofa. Free cots and cribs for kids and free refrigerator if requested and available. Washer & dryer in hotel, exercise room, Unique combined Indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Reasonably priced and high quality Ashley’s restaurant, Example, Breakfast Healthy Start $5.95 or all you can eat buffet $9.95.

Free shuttle bus to local attractions like Hershey Chocolate World, shopping, airport, etc.

Two dedicated car wash stations will be available and cared for the entire event by Wes Rittenhouse. And get this. The HOTEL PROVIDES TOWELS for you to dry your car. Do not use your room towels. Best of all is the parking and security arrangements for our jewels. There is a huge outdoor parking area dedicated to just Sunbeams and haulers for those who are afraid to drive their vehicles. But it gets much better. There is a secured outdoor covered multilevel parking garage that is “OURS”. It has recorded video surveillance. IN addition, security arrangements will be provided by a very paranoid certified Karate Black Belt Tiger owner Anthony DiBattista and his equally paranoid Beam owner crew. Sue no longer has to sleep over night in the Tiger. The plan is to use the outdoor lot by day to cherish and stage for events, then tuck’em in the garage at night. Valet service available. Sure!!

The Hospitality lounge and Parts Zone will be in a huge formal area set up to accommodate our special needs yet maintain privacy and security. Parts Zone security and coordination will be by Ted Casey. He doesn’t need a karate black belt, he is a kind old man but mean.

All Sunbeam United registrants will have a chance for a free hot air balloon flight during the Sunbeam United, weather permitting. $300 cash for couple if weather prohibits flight. A drawing for a lucky couple will be conducted during the Thursday evening Welcome Reception. Additional flights are available for a fee. Please schedule before the United to assure your choice of flight times. Surprise your spouse, contact ti*******@ao*.com for information.


Wednesday Eve, 24 September

Registration and Hospitality open for arrivals
Car wash Opens

Thursday, 25 September

Buses leave before 9:00 AM to begin your journey to America’s roots. Buses available for the first 100 registrants. Driving your Rootes on the three one hour legs is an option but will not be exciting. Your first stop will be in York where you visit the Harley Davidson Plant and actually watch bikes being assembled by local craftspeople. Harley Davidson is celebrating their 100 anniversary. They will be putting on the Ritz.

Departing Harley, your first Sunbeam United American roots experience, we will wander west to the Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield with a pleasant stopover for a box lunch at a local park thanks to Carl and Vonda Moon.

We will arrive in Gettysburg after lunch and board antique Yellowstone National park buses now used to tour the Battlefield. The Battlefield of Gettysburg story will be narrated on the buses along with commentary by bus driver guides. You will have opportunities to walk and visit battlefields and memorial sites on the hallowed ground where our forefathers fought for our freedom. This will be a humbling experience for young and old a like. The one hour return trip to the Sunbeam United headquarters in late afternoon will likely be a somber experience for many as we reflect on our heritage.

While many owners will be enriching their knowledge of the United States history, others will continue to arrive at Sunbeam United headquarters throughout the day. To accommodate these new arrivals the hospitality room will be open, the Parts Zone will be available for SET-UP ONLY and the Registration process will continue throughout the day and evening.

Evening meal is a Dutch Treat. There are a variety of inexpensive to upscale restaurants available in the immediate area. And don’t forget, the food at Ashleys in the hotel is reasonably priced and of very high quality. This is one hotel you get good value for the money.

A welcome reception will be held in the spacious hospitality lounge during early evening hours in full view of the Parts Zone (closed). The winners of the free hot air balloon flight will be chosen. A light buffet with refreshments will be served. A cash bar will also be available.

Friday, 26 September

This will be a terrific PLT day. Plenty of Parking Lot Talk Time.

Bright and early in the AM a coach begins to shuttle us in small groups from the Marriott to the Pennsylvania State Capitol for a tour of the building and the governance process. The tours are about an hour long and will continue throughout the AM. The capitol is a spectacular symbol of the Commonwealth, and arguably one of the most significant capitol buildings in the states. Built in 1906, its rich detail and exquisite ornamentation testify to Pennsylvania’s wealth and importance at the turn of the 20th century. The Capitol building is defined by the dignified lines and features of the Classical Revival with Beaux Arts ornamentation.

After the Capitol tour is completed, the coach will be available for a local tour yet to be determined. Tours of Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster County Amish, shopping, etc. are all being considered.

The mountain Rallye venture with twisty turns and plenty of Dutch country scenes will make this a fun venture where you can drive the heck out of it or just lay back and enjoy the scenery.

Throughout the day there will be a variety of tech sessions by the various clubs. The Parts Zone will be open all day. Club meetings will be held in the evening.

Saturday 27 September

This is the high intensity day. Concours d’Elegance & Rootes Show, the National Civil War museum and the Rootes Drive-In theater.The Concours d’Elegance and All Rootes Show held on the beautiful grounds of National Civil War Museum high on a hill overlooking the city of Harrisburg and the Susquehanna River is part of the “Where your Rootes meets America’s roots” experience. The national Civil War Museum is the only museum that has artifacts from the entire war. It tells the story from Fort Sumter in Charlestown SC where the civil war began and last years United to its conclusion. Was it Gettysburg? The museum experience is a must part of the Concours d’Elegance and All Rootes show. There will be ample time for all to visit the museum.

A buffet lunch will be provided during the Concours d’Elegance and All Rootes show.

The Concours d’Elegance is for vehicles that are to be judged by peers of trained judges. Rules and Guidelines have been established to assure consistency in the judging process for stock and personalized vehicles.

The All Rootes Show is for Rootes vehicles that are not participating in the judging process. However these vehicles are still eligible for the most popular vote categories. We encourage Concours d’Elegnace and All Rootes Show vehicles to be presented together for public display.

After departing from the National Civil War Museum area, we’ll all retreat to the Sunbeam United headquarters at the Marriott to freshen up before the journey to the Rootes Drive-In at Tiger Tom’s.

The Rootes Drive-In experience begins late afternoon. This will be the ultimate PLT and shown –n –tell time. Several local old car and sportscar clubs are being invited to highlight the evening and share in the festivities. This atmosphere will be an excellent opportunity to show case our Sunbeams.

An evening meal will be provided to registrants. Others pay. The usual Drive-In movie snacks will also be available for an extra fee.

The afternoon will begin with free helicopter rides to registrants, Fee charged to others. Rides will be until dusk or until there are no riders in queue.

Tethered hot air balloon rides for a $10 fee will be available until the lucky winners depart on their flight. A Sunbeam hot air balloon chase will commence after the winners depart. First person to reach the basket upon landing wins.

Bench type tech sessions will be conducted through out the evening.

Bob “Auctioneer” Sharkey will be available to entertain and get the best $ for your jewels before dark. The premier event of the evening will be an all Rootes Drive-In movie made possible by the technical wizardry of Dave Reed, a Tiger owner. Sound will be through your Sunbeam radio, or your neighbors. View will be through your windscreen. All Rootes cars will line up for the showing of an especially ROOTES choreographed movie show on a custom made 50′ wide movie screen. Please contact Ti*******@ao*.com if you have any photos, videos or movies that are unique and may be of interest to other Beam owners. They may be used in the presentation.

Sunday, 28 September

The day begins with a membership meeting for Tigers East / Alpines East members and other clubs if so desired. An autocross sponsored by the Appalachian Sports Car Club will be conducted immediately after the membership meeting. Sunbeam’s will run the first heat so we can get on with our day. ASCC is one of the oldest sportscar clubs, nearly 50 years, and most accomplished at Solo II events. A competitive and efficiently run course for professionals and first timers alike is assured.

Arrangements will be made for others to participate in local trips during the day if not involved with other daily activities planned.

After the Autocross, we’ll retreat to Sunbeam United headquarters at the Marriott. It will be a final afternoon of a parts and auction orgy.

The evenings banquet begins late afternoon with a visit to the new 12 Million dollar Antique Automobile Club of America museum in Hershey. The museum will be the setting for the evenings banquet. Expect the banquet to be of a calibre befitting the character of Sunbeam United XXIV.

Monday, 29 September

One final check in the Marriott Ashley’s before we depart in preparation for SUNBEAM UNITED XXV. One final PLT.

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