This is a beginning list to Sunbeam parts that may be replaced with other newer, easier to find modern parts. This list was compiled by George Coleman. As we add other information, which could be supplied by other members, we’ll include info about who said they work.

SIV-V Heater Control Valve

81-83 Honda civic 1300,1500, Wagon

Honda part# 39271-SA0023 (old part may be hard to find)

Murray Temp. Controls, Part# 277474

Alpine Disc Pads 3,4,5

Mercury Capri 71-74 and 76-77

Triumph GT6 72-73 TR6,72-76, TR-250 1968

Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z

Delorean 1981-83

Brake Calipers

Delorean 1981DMC12

Mercury Capri 1971-74 and 1976-77

Alpine 4,5 PVC Valve

Standard Motor Products, Part# V-115 and V-100

Alpine Ignition

(Rotor NAPA EP-41)

Cap NAPA EP-48

Point set NAPA ECH-CS207A

Gas Tanks Hose Couplings( Cut to fit)

AC|AC/Delco #31009-8809103

Alpine New Brake Spring and Retainer Clips

Federal Mogul S.S.A. Brake hardware (#17218) (#F1296545S)

Alpine Pinion Seal

Late Alpine, National #3116N

Early Alpine, National #5191

Alpine 3,4,5 Upper Radiator Hose

Gates#20661 NAPA #7446 (cut to fit)

 Rad. Cap (7psi) Gates #31306

Alpine Lower Hose

Flex type Gates#25477

(cut to fit) NAPA #7884, Delco#24108L

Alpine V Pinion Bearings

Timken #23100 (inner)

Timken #234250X (outer) Note: Outer is .011″ diff, in he in thickness

Shocks: Alpine 3,4,5

Front Monroe Gas Sensatrac 5815-ST

Rear Monroe 34954,58568