by Rich Bakula

If you are experiencing hard shifting, I suggest that you first try flushing and refilling the clutch hydraulic system preferably with silicone brake fluid (lowest moisture absorption and highest operating temperature). Also, check that the clutch hydraulic line is routed well clear of the exhaust system and that it is free of kinks or crimps. One scenario is that moisture in the clutch hydraulic system may be boiling creating a situation of “soft pedal” (similar to fuel system vapor lock) with decreased clutch throw. The clutch may be worn but if it does not slip, grab or chatter when cold, it is not contributing to the problem.

Additional suggestions:

  1. Change the transmission oil immediately and every 6000 miles until you have this problem solved. Look at the oil that comes out and have it tested for metal content if possible.
  2. I would not recommend mixing lubricants such as transmission oil and moly grease. Lubricant combinations can produce a congealed mass (like jello or putty), which inhibit lubrication.
  3. Change the clutch only if the above do not improve the condition. If you change the clutch, be certain that the new unit will have the proper throwout distance.

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