by Ed Esslinger in the May 2001 RootesReview:

Five or six years ago I installed a PerTronix LU-142 unit on my Series 4. It worked great: I did not even have to adjust the timing. It was spot on right out of the box. But a few weeks ago, it just quit working. I had on hand a new LU-142A (the replacement for the LU142) with a new, improved mounting plate. I installed the new unit. The engine would not start. I had to rotate the distributor all the way CCW.

I contacted the company and they asked me to send in my old LU-142. Yesterday I received a new unit on my old mounting plate at no charge, even though it was out of warranty. Thank you PerTronix. I mounted the new, modified breaker plate. The engine fired up on the first try. After investigating, I determined that in an effort to improve the mounting, they re-designed the mounting plate and the MOUNTING STUDS ARE TOO FAR CLOCKWISE (about 1/4 “). If they want to fix this problem, they will have to re-design the mounting plate. I would hold off buying a LU-142A until this problem is resolved. I have been in contact with Rocky Sherer of PerTronix.

Among other things Sherer wrote, “There are two ways that we can resolve the dilemma… the first is to offer the LU-142 kit as an alternative to the LU-142A. The second and the option that we plan to pursue is to have a new mold made for the magnet sleeve that will locate the magnets 15 degrees from where they are now and will bring the location of the timing back even with the timing location of the points. We will offer a free magnet sleeve to anybody who previously purchased the LU142A kit.”

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