from CAT

In January, 1984, we published an article on a brake cylinder lining service offered by White Post Restorations. By popular demand, we are republishing their address, as follows:
White Post Restorations White Post, Virginia 22663 (703) 837-1140

White Post prefers that you strip your battered cylinder (brake or clutch) of all parts, then send it to them via courier. Using special boring bars and jigs, they will hone/ bore the cylinder oversize, then fit a seamless brass sleeve into the cylinder. Finally, they polish the brass back to standard size and return it to you, usually the following day.

The prices we have may be obsolete, but they are: US $28. per sleeve for calipers and wheel cylinders; and US $42. per sleeve for master and slave cylinders. There’s a 50% charge for stepped sleeves. plus courier charges both ways.