It has come to our notice that some users of Silicone Brake Fluid have experienced problems with strange-feeling pedal. Since silicone brake fluid exceeds DOT-5 standards, there can be no possibility that the fluid is doing strange things when in use! The problem seems to stem from the fact that silicone brake fluid retains air bubbles more stubbornly than regular brake fluid. Therefore, some special precau­tions are needed when filling and bleeding systems with silicone brake fluid: When filling; Do not shake the can of fluid before opening. Pour very slowly with minimum agitation of the fluid. After filling, allow to settle for 10 minutes before bleeding. Preferably, use a power bleeder. If none is available, depress the pedal with slow, careful strokes, rather than a violent pumping action. Continue until firm pedal is obtained, making sure that you keep the reservoir topped up slowly and gently. With these precautions followed, you should be able to get an air-free system which will give you years of perfect operation.