by T. T. Cantwin in the February 1982 RootesReview:

A three-year test of Dow Coming’s silicone brake fluid demonstrated its ability to prevent corrosion of major brake components. Northern States Power Co. tested the fluid in fifteen vehicles that traveled a total of 311,300 miles. None required replacement of wheel cylinders, master cylinders, or calipers because of corrosion. This photo is another testimonial for silicone brake fluid. brake caliper cutaway

Remember, a major enemy of our hydraulic brake and clutch systems is moisture. The famed Castrol LMA (low moisture absorption), brake fluid is the next best thing to a sponge. Despite its LMA rating. it does in fact absorb moisture when exposed to the atmosphere through the reservoir vent holes. The best that can be said about this great juice is that it does in fact keep the rubber seals from swelling.

Silicone brake fluid, on the other hand, is virtually impervious to moisture and it too will not deteriorate our rubber seals. It costs about twice as much for twice as much protection. Not a bad deal for a brake system that will last about as close to forever as you’ll get.