By Robert Olah in the February 2007 RootesReview:

“I called Hurst Tech in Cleveland, OH (216-688-8300) and spoke to a nice gentleman who had a 1977 old catalog. He looked the Sunbeam Tiger up and found the part numbers which are still available.

“Please print an article for other members if they want a shifter kit.”

Hurst Competition Plus:hurst shifter

Shifter  #391-7535 (also fits 1957-62 Corvette)

Installation kit    #373-3157

These are available from Jeg’s Mail Order or online at

Shifter: $171.99 (in 2007; $344.33 in 2016)

Kit: $ 91.99 (in 2007; $189.33 in 2016)

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