If you have photos of TEAE events you’d like to share–to have posted on our website–it would be really great if you would:

  1. Choose the photos you think are the best. All 700 that you took may be a bit repetitive.
  2. If possible use the names of people in the shot as the name of the image (like, for example, Kellogg_Silverstein_at_Banquet.jpg)  OR include a list of photo descriptions separately.
  3. Resize the photos to be not wider than 600 pixels wide and not more than 72 dpi.
  4. If you uploaded photos to a flikr or other online photo gallery, please send us linking info and a note that says we can post your pictures on teae.org.  We’ll, of course, give you credit.

You can probably zip up and email a file about 2MB large without any trouble.  Or put them on a CD or thumb drive and mail them to Kerch McConlogue, 820 Fishing Creek Valley Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112

Please  include a note saying your name and what’s on the disk. Let us know if you want it back.

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