Aunt Helen Swift: TEAE’s matriarch has finally left us on our own. Aunt Helen has been a fixture in our club since it started in the 70’s. She never held any office but did not need to. She was simply the center piece of any United with husband Wally trying to upstage her. We all respected her and behaved ourselves accordingly.

It was in her DNA to be outgoing, feisty, fun and spirited in a contagious way. Those who were touched by Aunt Helen, and Uncle Wally, too, have been blessed. We were all her family. She had photos of many of us on her fireplace mantel.

Aunt Helen was born in New Jersey one of nine children. She and Wally married in 1944 and had three children: Jack, Patty and Jeanne. Patty died a couple years ago. Jack and his wife Linda are TEAE members living in Florida. Jeanne lives in Maryland near her mother.

If you remember Aunt Helen or want to see some pictures of her life, chekc the slide deck below.

It is a portion of the drive-in movie made for the 2003 United. The movie included a mystery guest at that time. It was Aunt Helen Swift and she did not know it. The script was written by her son Jack and narrated by Barry Schonberger. Watching this video is a fun way to remember Aunt Helen’s Rootes roots.

Cards may be sent to:
Jeanne Swift-Wheeler
2221 Nees Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Jack & Linda Swift
8856 SW Galardia CT
Stuart, FL 34997-4207
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You can download and watch this video with sound here.
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After it’s downloaded you have to click “Slide Show” in the top bar and then choose “From the beginning” to hear the voice over.

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