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      We attended the Concours d’ elegance yesterday in Boca Raton. Our Tiger MKII displayed in the Foreign Sports 1960-86. class This was a large field (over 30 cars) and some really beautiful cars (Ferraris, Jags, Porsches, Healeys.Mercedes,Aston and more), However, at the end of the day our Tiger took 3rd in class and 3rd as peoples choice. We were thrilled with the reception to our Tiger MKII. Pics to follow….

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      Pics from the Concours..

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      One more pic taken at Concours d’ elegance..

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      Great looking Tiger! Has it always been in the SE? Is this the former Bob Gaskill MKII? I always wondered who bought his Tiger. Eric

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      thanks for the comments..This is not his car..I have owned the car a little over a year and she has been in restoration for 9 months..She was a very nice one owner, no rust car so rotiss/resto was only 8 months..Chris Richards of California did the resto work..I have worked with him on my previous MK1..
      Thanks again..Stewart

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