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      I am in need of removing the instrument panel to do some restoration and would like to know if there is suggested procedure for doing it. Trying to sort out the wiring while the panel is installed requires a contortionist and, at my age (75), this is hardly possible. Any guidance would be appreciated. Given the manner in which the car is assembled I am beginning to think that the best way to do is to remove the windshield and then the dash cover (scuttle panel). ❓

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      I just did this in my Alpine. No need to remove the windshield or the dash pad. You will destroy the dash pad if you remove it anyway!
      Take off the steering wheel, turn signal switch, and surround for more working room. Remove the large phillips head screws you can see on the dashboard face. Remove the lower padded dash pad and steering column support assembly. Now you should have room to remove each gauge and wires from each and remove the heater control cables. I had a hard time removing the speedometer as the cable did not want to come loose and the gauge bracket was on tight. Make sure you label all the wires! Have fun…..Eric

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      Don’t forget to undo the batttery first or else the Lucas smoke escapes. Ask me how I know! Actually the time I melted a harness was when I was rushing to get to a show and my car was also a 64 automatic. I think I set a record time for throwing a used wiring harness in to replace the melted one and we still made the show. Compared to some cars the Alpine dash and instruments are not too hard to get out.
      Dave Reina

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      Do first your daily morning YOGA excercises, it really helps the be a contortionist when necessary. How do I know (only 74 years young).Robert

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