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      Hi All, new guy here, just put a post in the intro forum.
      So, I’ve got this SV, w/Strombergs and having a "B" of a time w/them. I’m tired of working on CV carbs. Same kind of carbs on my bikes and want to put on a Weber or whatever single carb setup is w/in my $…which ain’t much. I’ve read a bunch of posts and even asked a couple of people, and I get things like early model Vega’s and Mustang II’s or 90’s Toyota or…I’ve got to be missing something. I get that the single carb manifold is what’s important and that a Weber will mount right up, but there are many types of 4cyl cars and I would presume few have the correct intake spacing. I also understand that there were quite a few models that use the correct Weber. I’ve got quite a few junkyards w/in driving distance, but need to know what I’m looking for. So my question is, are the manifolds cheap/available and all I have to do is locate the correct Weber or do I have to look for a specific, brand/model/year, manifold/carb setup?
      Getting the fuel system is about the last thing I need to get this thing to stop and go. I can then get tires and into paint and maybe make it up to Carlisle.

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      Hi Ron
      Welcome! You need to look for the carb and manifold from a S4 Alpine. eBay is always a good source. You can also post a parts wanted ad here on this forum. These were a single 2V downdraft carb and intake that will bolt right on. Usually the carb is a Solex but you will find Weber downdrafts used too. You can do a search of this site to find more carb and intake info as it has been talked about before. Hope you can make it to Carlisle-there will be lots of Sunbeams there!

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      Hi Ron:

      The best manifold/carb setup for a Series V, if you are more interested in reliability than being "concourse correct" is a Weber DGV carb with a Series IV Alpine manifold. It is an easy swap and will bolt right up to your 1725 cc Series V engine.

      Most of us that have made the swap sourced a Series IV Alpine for the manifold. Sunbeam Specialties, one of the best vendors for us Alpine owners, has a reproduction manifold that will bolt on and can be used with a Weber DGV carb. I am not aware of any other non-Rootes marques that will have a manifold that will work with the Sunbeam 1725 cc engine.

      I have 2 Sunbeam Alpines. I use the Weber carb setup on both of them. The Weber DGV is very reliable and once jetted correctly, can be used for many years with no alterations.

      from sunny South Dakota,


      67 Series V 5 speed
      66 Tiger Mark IA
      65 Series IV automatic
      64 Series IV V8

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      Thanks for the replies and welcome, Eric and Paul. So, that is the piece of info I’ve been missing! The only manifold that will work is the SIV, once I get that, any Weber DGV carb, from multiple brand/model/yrs will set right up. I was thinking that there were several brand/model/yr manifold/carb setups that would bolt right on. Thanks
      I just checked SS, is this the manifold?…
      Thanks again,

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      Hi again Ron:

      Glad we could help a bit with your information search. You will find lots of expertise available here on the TEAE site and also on the site.

      I use the Weber DGV 5A on both my setups. It is a manual choke carb with a progressive manual secondary. Here’s a link to a site where you can view the carb and get additional Weber information. … 80.005.htm

      If you contact George Farrell from Minnesota you may be able to get some jetting information and suggestions. I think he has the most complete data as to what jets most of us are using. Send me an email at and I can forward his email address to you.

      The new manifold is manufactured by Pierce Manifolds, I think. It is a high quality unit. Pricey? I think you get what you pay for. You can probably find a used Series IV manifold for less, but it may take some time and patience. Post an ad here on this site and also on the site.

      from sunny South Dakota,


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      Thanks again, Paul. For the carb that $219 seems like a reasonable price. It just seems that if a complicated piece of equipment, like the carb, is around $200, then something like a cast aluminum manifold just should not also be around the same price. Sorry, if I sound so cheap, but I’ve got to save some money for the paint.

      If I do end up going w/a complete kit, this one (
      on ebay looks like it would be the least amount of hassle. It comes w/the air filter and a built in fuel filter, so I could go w/the electric fuel pump, I have. Only thing I’m concerned about is that it is setup for a cable. How easy is it to convert to the SV linkage or vice versa convert the Alpine accelerator pedal to a cable?

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      Hi again:

      I bought both of my Weber DGV 5A carbs through ebay. I did not pay more than $75 for either one. Be patient and you can find one that is very affordable. There are lots of them available. Put your dollars into the manifold and get an air cleaner from Sunbeam Specialties or Redline and you will have more $$$$ available for your paint.

      from sunny South Dakota,


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      Thanks for the encouragement, Paul. I’ve been keeping a lookout on ebay, but was looking for the carb/manifold combo and the only thing I’ve seen are the ones I posted. I think I may have a good gerryrigged solution for my stock carbs T and fuel pump connection problems. I’ll give these ideas a try, and in the meantime I’ll keep a broader and more patient look-out on ebay.

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      Is there a difference between a 32/36 DGV and a DGEV carb?

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      The E refers to the (electric) choke.

      I may be completely off base here, but don’t the DGV and the DFV have the primary and secondary barrels reversed with respect to the float bowl? Then what carb you use is governed by what side the throttle linkage comes in and which way it pulls… I guess if everyone uses a DGV on the Alpine then that’s your answer but I recall using a DFV on a Pinto 2L (carb on left side of engine) and a DGV on a Toyota 2T-C (carb on right side).

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      Thanks Theo, I appriciate your reply.
      As far as your question goes, I haven’t a clue 😕

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      Well, just to keep this updated. My buddy had a SIV manifold and I just won a 32/36 weber on ebay. Now I have to figure out linkage.

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