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      I’m replacing the bearing on my rear axles. I’m having a lot of problems removing the hub. I’ve used a hub puller tool, similar to what’s shown in the WSM. May have got a little movement. I’ve tried using a hydraulic press, w/heat, w/o heat. It may have moved a couple of mm,(axle end is no longer flush w/hub edge) but will not move anymore. Any suggestions? I’m toying w/the idea of soaking the hub/bearing end of the axle in warm oil. Something’s locked or rusted, any suggestions? Thanks.

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      I bought this tool and was finally able to get the hub off but I’ve damaged the threads on the axial. Now I’m trying to figure out the thread sixe and buy a die to ,hopefully, straighten out the treads and I need a new nut. Copy and paste link ,it’s a well made tool. … 0005.m1851

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      Thanks cuppy. I appreciate the reply. I used a 2 stud puller, didn’t know the 4 stud puller was available. I wish I could tell you thread size.

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      Just an update. A local club member helped me out, by removing the hub and pressing on new bearings. Car has been riding great. Thanks a lot Phil.

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