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      Hello all,

      I’m a new TEAE member but have had my Tiger since 1997. It has been in our family since 1970. It’s a Mk1 (B9471573), mostly original, and is driven regularly (sometimes every day if the weather cooperates).

      I also just bought a SV alpine; in it’s previous life someone swapped in Tiger parts (Tunnel, engine bay braces, steering rack, etc.) but it currently has a 2.3 Ford engine and automatic transmission… neither of which will be staying there for long!

      Interested in meeting other owners in the area.


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      Hi, Jeff.

      Welcome. You’ll be pleased to discover that Eastern and Central Pennsylvania has an unusually high concentration of Rootes car owners. There are plenty of us to meet. And some like you who have more than one.

      The next local gathering will likely be associated with The Taste of Britain Cup Polo Match. If you fancy a drive to Lancaster County, its a nice meet and for fun only.

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      Hi Jeff,

      I’d like to ask you about your Ford 2.3 swap you had in your Alpine. Can you please contact me at "whoizrob AT yahoo DOT com" Thanks!



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      Not sure where Jeff is at this point…

      I got a look at the alpine in question at jeff’s place. he bought the car with that "conversion" work done by some previous owner and the 4-cyl/auto box.
      The 2.3 and automatic trans have since been removed, installation of a 302 is underway.
      (In case any of that helps)


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