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      I have used the following method to measure valve guide clearance, which requires only a dial test indicator (DTI). I hope this is of interest to some other users.

      Measure the length of the valve, call this Lv
      Measure the length of the guide, call this Lg

      Fit the valve so that its tip is in line with one end of the guide. Fit a DTI to measure side movement at the end of the valve. Now rock the valve and note the DTI total deflection. Call this D.

      Then calculate the clearance C from this formula:

      C= D.Lg/2.Lv (D times Lg div by 2 times Lv)

      For the Tiger, this is approx C=D/4
      So if the dial reads, say 16 thou, then clearance is 4 thou.

      Make sure the valve stem is straight, with no burrs as this can cause measurement errors.

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