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      I just got a Tiger, and I have noticed that apart form the obvious similarities, it shares some interesting quirks with the Alpine.

      My Alpine fuel gauge has always been erratic. It reads 10 litres, then suddenly down to zero, then back to 10 again. This also happens at any other fuel level. I just found that the Tiger does the same.

      Also, my Alpine front suspension is not centered to the body. The left side wheel protrudes about 1 inch farther out than the other side. Then I got the Tiger, and had a look, and guess what? Yes, it does the same.

      Coincidences or what?

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      I’m no expert, as many can testify, but I have an Alpine and had a Tiger for 35 years (now in my son’s hands). The fuel gauge sounds like a bad ground, which is endemic in Sunbeams, especially those which have been repainted (sand from the paint preparation interferes with the current).
      As to the lop-sided business with the front wheels, that doesn’t sound normal either. Are you measuring from the body work? If so that’s meaningless.
      Jim Anderson

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      Jim, I am not measuring the wheel position, you only have to look at the cars from the front, you can see it easily. I know that body panels are not an accurate reference, but it is a strange coincidence. I have also heard other owners commenting on the same problem before.

      I am now wondering if this is inherent due to the original tooling? It would not have been noticed with the original steel wheels, because they do not come near the fender rims.

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      There is no way one side should be different than the other. I have owned 5 Sunbeams and would have been in a panic if any of them (Or any other car I owned) had that problem. With the wheels off the car, take some basic measurements. One side should be an exact mirror of the other. If nothing is obvious, I would haul the car and shop manual to the best body shop in town. A good frame man can tell very quickly if the frame is within specs.

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