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      I personally like the LAT 58 Tiger Tail option. I have had a hard time finding any pictures of Tigers with the LAT option installed. Why do you suppose that is?

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      Depends on the car color, etc. It looks especially good with the roll bar. I thought about having my painter add one to my car but decided to go for the sleeper look instead. Then I went with a fairly loud exhaust and there went the sleeper idea. Now, I wish I had done it. With the explosion of vinyl graphics today, it would probably be easy to do in vinyl and I’m sure that sooner or later it will show up on Ebay.

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        As to my understanding, the LAt tiger stripes were adhesive metal tape that wen ton the back post painting. You see packs NOS on ebay with instructions tim eto time, the one in the above image looks to be owner applied not LAT, but in the same style. You could easily do it in vynil tape, and probably less damaging to the paint than the original metal tape..

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        Jeff Nichols

          That photo looks like Paul Brehan’s car. He had some stripes made by a vinyl grapics company. His looked good with the silver stripes on a white car.

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          Wow…nice car…lol…15 minutes of fame for me!

          Those are silver vinyl stripes, not chrome, I had them made to the original specs of the Tiger Tails. Also I told the graphics company the spacing I wanted between the stripes so it they were easy to apply…unlike the original stripes which are only one stripe wide.

          Also I mounted the stripes vertically on the rear quarter panels, unlike the angled way you often see them placed (and on the instruction sheet). the angle makes the trunk look funny…my opinion anyways.

          They are real easy to apply if you measure properly, use some soapy water and take your time.

          The vinyl is a 3M product, you can get them in a rainbow of colors…including chrome. There are standard widths available, or you can specify how wide of a stripe you wish.

          Automotive graphics places, sign shops, places that do race cars or boats should be able to help you out.

          When I redo my car I am thinking…wider…in black with narrow red stripes along side of the black stripes…not sure if I will paint them on or do the vinyl again.


          P.S. Andy Walker’s Tiger with Chrome Stripes…

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          I like these LAt options, but as stated by other members the colour has to be right. The white tiger looks very nice with them. It’s the same with the Mk II wheel arch trim, some like them and some don’t.

          Regards, Robin.

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