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      Can anyone direct me to a source for key blanks for the trunk and center console?

      Also, I understand that someone is selling water pump pullys of a smaller diameter for better cooling. Can anyone direct me to that person as well?


      Bill Marras

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      You could try Pete Groh in Maryland. (He claims to cut the keys by manufacturer code)

      or maybe the Key Men

      Be sure to read the Cooling Study article by Tiger Tom and Chuck & Andy King

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      For the pump pulley, contact Bobby Wooldridge at:

      He makes a beautiful piece.

      Fred Baum

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      Thanks Fred.
      Guess I wasn’t clear with my question. My stock pulley is just slightly bent and makes an annoying sound besides wearing out the water pump bushing over time. I’ll contact Bobby.

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      Expect to pay some $$ for Bobby’s pulley. If you decide you want a stock pulley I have two that are straight.


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      Thanks Fred, I’ll take some measurements of my pulley and get back to you. The guy that built the engine may not have used a stock pulley.

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      Water pump pully was Industrial Ford Fork Lift you can still find them NOS but are $$$ I have the part # if you would like it! :mrgreen:

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