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      I’m proud to announce that we have a son and Tiger Tom has a grandson. Valerie delivered our 7lb 14oz package of joy. Both he and Valerie are doing well.

      We called him Finley Thomas. Quite appropriately "Finley" in Gaelic means "sunbeam".

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      congratulations..And good choice with his name. 🙂

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        i told you it would be a BOY! time to send him a sunbeam blanket or stuffed tiger or or or or!

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        Grrrreat news! Congratulations-now you will have a great helper in the garage! Eric+Bonnie

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          yesterday evening i asked grandpa which car he gets to drive first. the avanti or the tiger.

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          yep, they have to apprentice,as a "step-and-fetch" in the garage at an early age to know their way around the tools. i look forward to having a little helper.
          (I haven’t even driven the Tiger myself).

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          Gotta teach him the difference between a Tiger and all the other wannabies.

          Maybe Allison Baum can guide him as to the proper attitude to have when looking down on the others (raspberries and roars).

          Fred Baum

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          Ron & Linda Jones

            Congratulations to you and your family.

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            Bob and Jean Webb

              i’m one up on you. i have driven tom’s tiger. at the last MOM at allensbury he threw me the keys to the tiger and he and joanne took the 69 when we headed out for supper.

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              Lori and Dave Noyes

                Congratulations and welcome Finley!

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