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      Jim Stone

        A few years ago a member named Don Robertson was selling LAT 41 reproduction side vents. Here is a link to the last ad he listed here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1145&p=5011#p5011

        There used to be a number of photos of them online, but I can now only find two. Here are installed and uninstalled pictures :

        I bought a set of them for my V6 Alpine project and have finally gotten to the point where I am ready to install them. There was also a set of detailed placement photos online at one time. Fortunately, I printed copies of those out, as I cannot find them online now.

        So, here is a photo of my SIV, showing about where the vents would go according to those old photos.

        I think the current outline is about 1/2 inch off relative to left/right orientation, but should be spot on as far as the height. Still, there would seem to be two problems with installing these vents here, both related. First, this placement puts the vents directly inside of the inner fender. While the old installation photos show cut outs inside the engine compartment, by my measuring this wouldn’t leave much of any actual air flow though the vents. The second, and bigger, problem is with actual installation. The depth of the vents seems about the same as the depth of the area between the outer and inner panels. I have no idea how to get the vent mounting "ears" inside such a tight space, nor how there is any actual air flow when the vent backs are basically flush up against the inner fender.

        I tried to reach Don via the email address listed on his last post here, but it bounced back. And, it doesn’t look like he has visited this forum in about 3 years, so I assume he is lost to the community. I know he sold at least a half dozen sets of so. Does anyone have any information to help me? Have any of the other 6 owners installed them yet?


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        If memory serves me well, I saw these once installed at a BASH at Tiger Toms. Do not know who’s car it was, I believe it was someone who was recreating a Douane Spencer car?? If TT doesn’t visit here send him an email tt at tigertoms dot net, he might remember.
        Also cold in MO? I am working in my 80+ degree basement rewiring the tiger with a modified set of Paul (aka Pete). Robert

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        Jim Stone

          Hi Robert. Thanks for the lead. I have connected with Don and am hoping he will be able to help me. If not, Tiger Tom is a good idea and I will send him an email to see if he had any ideas. As for St. Louis, had I answered this yesterday I would have told you it was nice and warm: nearly 60 and I took the SV out for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, it was just a teaser and the temperature today was below 20 – currently 11. Oh well. This too shall pass. In the meantime, an 80 degree basement would be very nice!


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          Gene Sokolowski


            I had a chance to meet Don Robertson and see his car. I took several pictures of the car (2008) but after reviewing them a few minutes ago I didn’t have a picture of the LAT 41 that is on his vehicle. I did install a set in my project which I am trying to get running this year. It looks to me like we both picked the same spots to install them.


            Happy Sunbeaming!

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