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      I noticed on ebay that a cross-member was sold for $1,326.00.

      The description said the unit was stripped, reinforced and powder coated by Dale A’s shop.

      Does anyone have any idea if this is a fair price, or is this just ebay frenzy?

      Fred Baum

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      That was a Tiger front cross-member.


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      Hi Fred
      I couldn’t believe that price as just a month ago a clubmember sold a bare front crossmember for only about $300 or so. It was not powdercoated or reinforced though but that sure can’t cost that much more to do…Eric

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      Hello from germany,

      this is really funny, some years ago, I have bought a good tiger-steering rack for about 230 Dollar, and also some other parts for a really good price. I have bought this parts in US.

      But nowadays, I should sell the parts from Germany to US, as the price for parts are exploding in US. The price for the crossmember is really much too high in my opinion.

      But as there are persons, who are willing to pay the price for this parts, why not?


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      They key word in the sale is RE-INFORCED, which is a time involving process of opening the member and adding steel to support the weakened member and prevent it from Flexing/ Distorting. Many improvements in the steering geometry/design have come since Carol Shelby Hot-Rod’d an Alpine back in 1963. The crossmember was weakened in the transformation to accept the Tiger’s steering rack Scallops/Cut-outs. Dale’s is a professional shop with a Quality product. The seller went back for more of his Engineering!


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