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      Ron Seeholzer

        I am working on my 1965 Series 5 Alpine and I am having excessive play in the steering. I replaced the lower ball joints and the tie-rod ends but the problem persists.
        Is there any way to repair the steering box or should I try to find another one?

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          have you checked the bushings in the track rod that run across the firewall. the rubber tends to go bad and it’s hard to see that they’re bad. don’t forget mid ohio august 19!
          bob webb

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          Good idea with the track rod Bob. And isn’t the steering box adjustable to remove some play? Eric

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          I don’t think you can do much for excessive steering wheel movement to the steering box. By adding or removing shims you can stiffen or loosen the steering but that doesn’t affect side to side play. I would expect you’d need to either replace the peg assembly that runs in the worm or the worm itself. If fixing/replacing the crosstube now that you’ve done the tierods and such doesn’t fix it the easiest bet may indeed be a better condition box.

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          I guess I was thinking of my old Ford truck where there was an adjustable screw on top of the steering box to adjust and take up free play….Eric

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          When you have checked and fixed everything else in the steering system, if threes still play in the box you can probably rebuild it if you have the services of a machine shop.

          Take it out the car, strip the box down, and check if the worm has corroded. If that’s not too bad you can replace the steel balls, they are cheap, and obtainable from a bearing specialist.

          Before fitting the balls, next, get new shaft bush bearings made, fitted and reamed to fit the shaft which must be a close fit. Assemble the whole unit, and select the shims for correct end float and cover clearance (as described in the WSM if you can get one).

          Finally use grease in your steering box as oil will probably still leak out even with a new O-ring.

          I rebuilt my box this way and it works fine.

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          I am going through this as well with my S2,the steering seemed fine at the steering wheel but during a safety inspection it was discovered that play could be felt by shifting the passenger wheel.The bushing on the passenger side at the cross tube was shot.I am going to have both replaced for peace of mind.

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          My S3 was doing a bit of a funny thing while driving would drift/dart a bit. looked over the front end parts and the A arm bushings were the only thing that looked to be suspect, so just figured to live with it for a while. Then when I pulled the engine this last time to straighten the front sheet metal I looked at the thing again and noticed the bolts holding the steering box on and the thing on the other side where it all pivots were to say the least loose… tightened same will see if it helps once I am back on the road.

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          how to troubleshoot the steering wheel Check all tie rod ends for play as well as the steering joints before the steering control box which may be also the problem.
          Tie Rod Assembly

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          Crosstube bushings are the most suspect. when you put grease in the box make sure you use white litium and not regular axel grease!! 8)

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          I need to pull the cross tube on an SIII and rebuild it. Does it have tapered pins? Any suggestions for pulling it since it is in a rather awkward place?

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          Dan Richardson

            Vintage Sports, I was browsing thru the POST and saw where you were asking about replacing the cross link…. Did you ever figure how to remove and replace?

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