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      any expert opinions on this car as a driver? … dZViewItem

      its ‘unclaimed’ in the registry.

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      Looks like a lot of rust! And then there is the question of whether it is a real Tiger or not. Hard to pick up any clues of the car’s heritage-can’t see the trunk floor/battery area very clearly, are the original serial number rivets in place, inner fender supports correct, etc. In this day and age unless it is cheap, you have to make sure it is the real thing before spending the money. At least I would! Good luck. Eric

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      I noticed the gear lever is stubby, there is no walnut dash, or ash tray. But apart from that, all the signs of a real tiger are there. Jack up the rear and check if the door gaps move as chassis rigity is important. Also check the front spring mounts by jacking them up; see if they move.

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      The stubby shifter is probably authentic, as I recall the lower number MKIs had short shifters.

      Mine is B9470768, been TAC’d, has short shifter.

      Joel Shockman’s Tiger, #105, had a vinyl dash rather than wood.

      The console looks a little funky, but that could be some after market thing used to replace a crappy original. He says the seats are from an MG, so maybe the console is, too.

      It does have the original expansion tank, fan shroud, generator and brake booster.

      Fred Baum

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