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      I was recently looking through some old wanted postings here on the forum and there was mention that someone may have designed a conversion kit to install a jag independent rear in a tiger, I found no further info about that on the forum. My question today is: does anyone have any info on that subject, I think it would be good content for this forum if we had more info…and I happen to have a complete jag e type rear assy complete with fresh rebuild.

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      Your going to save a lot of time/$ by rebuilding your stock Tiger rear end with nice posi setup IMO (but I agree it would be cool) – I have seen this somewhere as well – believe it may have been Mike Hokanson who also was did complete bolt in coil over front suspension systems for Tiger.

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      Money and time could not enter into a project like this conversion, it would be mental/mechanical masturbation with a really ” cool factor”. I have modified my stock rear to have centered the pinion so the drive shaft is now straight and installed Ford axles with sealed bearings to simplify the antique double bearing and keyed flange hub arrangement. Of course it has a LSD and 3:07 gear

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