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    • #58382 This is a YouTube video posted on Autoweek of a drag race between a LaFerrari , McLaren P1, and a Porsche 918 on a very well prepared track . While all the cars run very quick 1/4 miles times ,however it’s the 1/8 mile times which are more representative of how they would do in a typical street race. The 1/8 mile times are ; LaFerrari (950 hp) 7.72 , McLaren P1 (903 hp) 7.39 , Porsche 918 (887 hp) 7.15. Last Oct. I took the Tiger to the drag strip and here are the times: I run a 8.8 rear end with 3.27 gears with 225/50 15 drag radials . With the hard top the weight is 2330 lbs. still more than 1000lbs. lighter than any of the three other cars. Just an interesting comparison , not that I would ever see one of those cars on the street in Cincinnati.

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      ^^^ Oh yeah, your Tiger is one hooked-up machine 8) …and you’ve definitely "added lightness"!
      Maybe those "hyper cars" have heard that you are around and thus avoid your area all together? 😕
      Good stuff!

      Remember what Jerry Porsche always says after he comes back from the drags… "no one want to mess with the xxx man in the Tiger" :mrgreen:

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      It’s the new cars that will not run the Tiger. Last year at the dead strip I pulled up next to a C6 Corvette Z06 . He motioned for me to go ahead and after I did a solo run , he also did a solo run. When we got back to the pits , I ask him why he would not race . Hs answer was : "I don’t want to be on YouTube getting beat by a 50 year old car."

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      After being down for over a year the Tiger is back on its PAWS and ready to go to the DynoEdge in Albuquerque to get fired up and retuned .
      Went through the motor and put some better parts in, had the tranny redone, put a full cage certed to 8:50.
      Installed a killer stereo system and new carpet kit:-)
      Have to say it looks good hopefully it runs as good as it looks.
      Will keep you all informed

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      Sounds good Jerry!
      (not sure where you would find space for any "killer stereo system" tho – or are you referring to the "stereo" killer Turbos? 🙄 )

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      I wish i could post some pictures but yea its a killer setup

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      quote Twin Turbo Tiger:

      I wish i could post some pictures but yea its a killer setup

      If you want to text me some pix… I can work toward putting them up on here.
      and good luck with the tuning!


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