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      John Przybyl

      I ordered the ‘AM-SUN-TIG’ Sunbeam Tiger model after United 30 and have not recieved it. I have contacted them twice and was informed each time the shipping date had been changed. Initial delivery date; Winter, 2011. After first contact date was changed to Spring 2012. Second contact I was informed delvery date would be June-July 2012.
      Can anyone shead some light on the subject? Have any of the members recieved their cars? 🙁

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      John Przybyl

      So how many of you have ordered cars and are experiencing the same problem?

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      I did not order one but I did find this posting viewtopic.php?f=49&t=2266&p=9123&hilit=automodello#p9123
      The original poster of that thread may have more info as it was his car they made the model from?
      I looked at the website and they say they are still taking pre orders and "coming soon". I wonder how soon? Eric

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      John Przybyl

      Thank you, I will look at the link. I really am surprised at the lack of response. I thought many members had ordered the model. 😮

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      I ordered a car and am still waiting for delivery.

      Fred Baum

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