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      I am thinking of converting my MK1A Tiger’s generator to an alternator. My MK2 engine came with an original MK2 alternator bracket, so that’s one thing I need not worry about. I also have the Ford alternator, but I don’t want to have to modify my MK1A wiring harness to do this, so my hope is to learn exactly which one-wire alternator to buy, and precisely how to connect it. Does anyone know? I’ve been scouring the Internet, but have not had luck finding good instructions.

      Is it really as simple as disconnecting thenold generatormand wires, and then hooking up a single 10 or 12 gauge wire from the new alternator straight to the hot battery stud on the starter solenoid — and that’s it? Is there anything else that needs doing to make this work well? Thanks a lot in advance for your advice!

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      Call Paul Reisentz at 408-309-9624 for all you need to know on this and for specific alternator. Rick from Sunbeam Specialties suggested him. I have talked to Paul. He knows his sh…

      Bill in Toledo

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      I wrote a Tech Tip in the newsletter – July 2003 about this. You should be able to open that issue on the Membership page.

      I used a mid 60’s style Ford alternator with a bolt on electronic voltage regulator. I made my own bracket to mount the alternator. The only real modification I made was to make the Original Voltage Regulator a junction box so there was no mess of wiring at the VR location.

      The alternator has worked just fine since install.

      If you have question contact me –

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