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      Ron & Linda Jones

        I’t doesn’t look like this question has been asked before. Many/most/all? states have a provision for registering a vehicle as a "classic/antique". Most of the time the advantages are things like lower liability insurance, no safety inspection, lower registration fee’s…etc. One of the disadvantages is a provision, that it’s only to be driven on weekends or going to a "function". I want mine to be a semi-daily driver. From my understanding the inforcement of this provision is virtually non existant. What are your opinions of classic vs regular registration?
        On a similar note, getting regular insurance will not generally cover the value of a "classic" car. Blue book value is generally applied. I’d really not want to have put $5000+, into this car, only to have some shmuck run a red light, total my car and only get $500 or less in compensation. What are the options and cost of "classic" car insurance? Specific recomendations of classic insurance companies welcome, also.

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        My Mk1 Tiger is carrying a personalized but regular modern Calif plate. Many states have year of manufacture plate provisions as well as historic vehicle registrations. Calif will add 1965 to the allowed year of manufacture code later this year. When they do I intend to seek out a 1965 black plate to put on the car and improve my cars historic accuracy.

        All my insurance is with Allstate. I insure the Tiger with Haggerty for an agreed value of $42,000
        for about $250 year. I choose Haggerty because Allstate can tie in with them in such a manner that my umbrella policy also covers the Tiger.

        Can’t vouch for reliablity of this arrangement because I’ve not had a claim yet but so far so good.

        Steve R

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        I don’t know your location, but I’m sure every state has slightly different regulations about this.

        In Pennsylvania you can get classic plates, which require a safety inspection, or antique plates which do not. Antique are 25 years or older; I think classic are 15 or older. Antique plates require photographs of the car be submitted to the state along with notarized documentation of ownership, etc. I’m not sure about the classic plates.

        There was a reg some time ago about driving antiques after dark but that has been lifted.

        I have Condon & Skelley out of New Jersey (used to live in NJ) insuring my Tiger MKI (not for sale) and my 1965 Mustang (for sale, make offer). Tiger value $24K, Mustang $21K (not looking for this for car sale), about $475 per year for the two with maximum liability and $0 deductible. Restricted to 2,500 miles per year each, and I doubt I put 1,000 on either of them.

        I may increase the value on the Tiger at next renewal.

        Fred Baum

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        I use Condon and Skelly for the last 10yrs and have had one claim and they were great to deal with and did’nt raise the rate after the claim.

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        Ron & Linda Jones

          Thanks all, I appriciate the replies and information.

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          I also avoided the "antique" tags [here in NJ they are called "Historic"] for many years out of fear for the "restrictions" that youmention. Then I started noticing all sorts of wild machines – including Pro-Street beasts – with the antique plates. I decided that an enforcement issue was unlikely, so I made the switch a while back .It is a much better deal, you only pay 1 time, then free renewals every 3 years.
          The insurance is another issue. I have been with Condon & Skelly for about 25 years. They have always been good to deal with. The previous actual insurance company used to have an in-depth questionaire, I always indicated that the car would be driven for "exercize" in addition to shows, cruises, and club events. There was never an issue. I just had a claim with them, and they took care of everything 100%. I do not do any "daily driving" with the Tiger.
          You could always call and tell them your intent, then they can tell you their position. Try a few(?) Tiger Tom has some experience with "daily driving" – and some claims – not sure what type insurance he has. There are a bunch of good insurance co.s out there… I have a friend that swears by Grundys.
          Good luck.

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          Ron & Linda Jones

            Thanks Mark, I appriciate your feedback.

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