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      I am getting my Tiger ready to get back on the road after far too long in the barn. My lug nuts and center caps on the American Racing wheels have suffered tremendously and I would like to replace them if possible. Re-chrome is an option but new parts would save a bunch of hassle. Does anyone know of lugs that will fit. American Racing is of no help…..I had to explain to the youngster that they had in fact made these wheels back in the 60’s {!!} Thanks for your help !

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      For the Alpine the lugnuts are 7/16" RH. (I am guessing the Tiger is also a 7/16"???)

      You can check out a website for Mr. Lugnut

      I use their #5002, 7/16" RH Closed Mag running a spacer on the race car… Without the spacer the lugnuts bottom out. So be careful.

      I notice that NAPA list a short shank lug nut. #753-2552. This may be shorter than Mr. Lugnut’s version. I would investigate this setup first…. you could run without a spacer (I am sure you are aware of issues running spacers on certain brake drums styles on the Sunbeams).

      Try the NAPA version. IF it is a 1/2" Thread try NAPA’s 735-2553.
      Just get a set of 4 to test… try both front and rear before ordering the rest….


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