by Larry Paulick in the April 2002 RootesReview:

I had an emergency flasher in my Tiger, installed 25 years ago, that finally gave up the ghost. In looking for a suitable replacement, I found a flasher from Lucas that was quality made, priced at about $65, and was available from British Victoria.

This flasher can be mounted through the dash, in either the Auxiliary Lamp Switch, to the far left of the dash, or in the empty hole, to the left of the Fuel Gauge. The hole size in the dash is the same size as the flasher so no further drilling has to be done.

Electrical hookup

The electrical hookup, consisting of four wires, is also relatively simple. They are:

  1. Hot (Purple), that is hooked to a battery source. I used the #1 spade on the ignition switch. This is terminal, with 2 spades, to which the Brown wire is attached. Test the terminal with a voltmeter to insure that you have 12 volts at all times.
  2. Ground (Black), that gets hooked to any good ground under the dash. I used a bolt on the dash support for the ground.
  3. Right Hand Flasher Circuit (Green/White). I spliced into the Green/White wire coming off of the turn signal.
  4. Left hand Flasher Circuit (Green/Red). I spliced into the Green/Red wire, coming off of the turn signal.

There are two other wires (Green/Brown) that are not used and the excess wire can be cut and taped off.

The flasher comes with enough wire, covered in plastic sheathing, so that you can use either hole in the dash to mount the flasher. The flasher has its own in-line fuse.

While the flasher comes with a black screw bezel, I used a chrome bezel from an old switch, to match the rest of the dash switches.

To activate the flasher, you pull the handle and a red light inside the handle will flash red.

This is a simple installation that adds a good safety device to your car.

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