as reported by Stu Brennan

Jim Morrison’s Tiger won the “Best of Show” trophy at British Car Day, at
The Museum of Transportation in Brookline, MA. That Jim’s Tiger is one of
the finest around, no one will argue. It carries the shiniest black paint
you can imagine, and looks fairly original from a distance. But, open the

There were about 100 cars entered, about half the normal turnout due to poor
weather forecasts (Rain was predicted but stayed away). This was a popular
vote concours, with the entrants voting for their favorites in each marque
class, plus the overall champion. The attendance may have been down, but
the quality of entries was as high as usual. We had everything from
pristine Rolls Royces to racy Lotuses (Loti?), to “better than factory”
MG’s, to a Bond three wheeler (Where does the mower deck attach?).

There are two significant things to note in Jim’s victory. First, the other
owners recognized the Sunbeam marque, which has never had more than a
handful of cars present in the 13 year history event (only two this year).
Second, a highly modified car won, over many excellent restorations, from
whose ranks most past winners emerged. Jim’s dual quad setup would never be
mistaken for “factory”. Is this the beginning of a trend? Has this been
noticed elsewhere?

Anyway, congratulations to Jim on his fine victory!

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