B.A.S.H. 2010 Update

Kinzers, PA It’s all about US Check out pictures from the BASH here. Our Sunbeams will be part of the display for the huge crowds that come to the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association live “Spring Steam Up”. Of course you should bash the BASH with a live Sunbeam too and without steaming, please. (more…)

B.A.S.H. 2010

Bring A Sunbeam Here Saturday May 8th is Steam Up day at Rough & Tumble: a living experience where equipment in use when America was a burgeoning industrial and agricultural empire is fired up and running again for a large public following. Everything from tiny to HUGE stationary engines, traction engines, Ag and earth moving (more…)

BASH 2010

May 8, 2010
35th Annual BASH — Bring A Sunbeam Here
at the Rough-N-Tumble Engineers Historical Association event in Kinzer, PA near Lancaster