by Burtis S. Homer
First printed 3/82

Since the preservation of our Alpines and Tigers depends upon many things, the least of which is ingenuity, and the most of which is time sprinkled with money, I thought a list of my “finds” may help someone else. For those who need parts, I can offer the following and all of which I presently have in my 1965 Love, #B9470406 LR X FE.

Brakes: Volvo piston #667592 from a 144-S fit the calipers. I’m told the 144-S calipers are the same as the original equipment. Rear wheel cylinders: Volvo #64674597. This is for the left and right.

Servo Rebuild Kit: #SP2228 Girling – includes all gaskets and seals. The only problem is the large vacuum piston plate seal has to be re-cut to fit the bolt holes.

Clutch Master Cylinder: Girling #3112250 W. This is an integral unit. Steering Universal Joints: Jaguar #KO5-6BI. These come pre-greased, and have a grease fitting included.

Hoses: 90 degree Shaped hose from a Volvo 122-S 3898 Beck Amley-Britannia for the radiator to overflow tank.

Brake Master Cylinder: 5/8 Girling: The same as a Formula Ford, although mine is non-integral. Girling #625 from the Formula Ford racing dealer.

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