United X – 1986
The skies had threatened; but Thursday, Friday and Saturday had turned out to be A-okay days. Sunday, well, you can’t have everything …. Early morning was on the dark side, and then the silver linings parted to dump rain with a capital R. Wally Swift passed up his Panama hat in favor of foul weather gear to traverse this mini version of the Panama Canal. Someone said they’d take pontoons over their Yokohamas–FTD’s are set by thinking like that!

In any case, an autocross with the potential for greatness (with almost three dozen preregistered and the collection of competition class cars–such promise, oh such promise…) was–literally–washed up. The brave and courageous lot who faced the elements did have lots of fun; much like the common bath scene on a larger scale using Sunbeams instead of rubber duckies.

Because of the adverse conditions, no stock (by SCCA autocross rules) Tigers or Alpines entered and not all the entrants completed their allowable number of runs. Around of applause for the hardy few. We are listing their best times below and sending each a box of A1ka Seltzer Plus.

Special thanks to the Chrysler Corp. for their generous support in providing site and covering trophy expenses.

Modified Tiger:

  1. Tom Patton 62.132
  2. Scott Woerth 62.537
  3. John Kathmann 63.457
  4. Curt Bowland 65.586
  5. Dan Walters 74.614

Modified Alpine:

  1. Wally Swift 60.241
  2. Rick McLeod 72.503

FTD: Wally Swift 60.241

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