If you own an original, near original, or correctly restored Alpine we need your help, especially if you have Series I, II or 3 cars, and ST cars.  If your car has been modified but still retains original parts or features, we might need photographs. Find the list of photos we’re looking for here  but do not feel compelled to stick to the list. If you have a good example, we want your photos. Be sure to get several angles: straight-on and a shot from each side. Do not get too close. Capture enough of the surrounding area so we can see where the part fits on the car. Please be sure the shot is focused. Seend your photos to Pr*******@te**.org

SI & IISun visors
SI & IIHood props
SICenter Console showing side hinge lid open
SI & IISteering wheel. Straight on shot showing entire wheel
SIGear shift lever for early SI (up to B9003640)
SIFoot pedals for early SI (up to B9008170)
SI & IIVIN stamp into bulkhead at right side of scuttle and body tag painted body color
SI & IICoil-original Lucas screw in type located on right side of valve cover. Include close ups showing markings on cap and base.
SI & IIDistributor cap, especially early SI cap with horizontal terminals (left) and late SI and SII (right)
SI & IITool roll secured in correct location
SI & IISix blade fan
SI thru IVGenerator
SI thru VSoft top cover compartment panels in folded down position
S3 & IV STRear Passenger/Storage Compartment. Views from all angles
SI thru VFloor coverings front and rear.
SII (late) & S3 (early)Valve covers. Lettering at front, raised plain diamond motif toward front.
SII thru VDifferent optional air intakes and related canister air cleaner assemblies. Especially need "batwing" design on Series I and II and the rectangular design on Series 3 and IV.
SIVAuto Gear Shift Lever and After B9405885 gear shift knob w/reverse to right and down
S3 thru VTrunk badges
S3 thru VFull shot GT wood dash and straight on shot of GT wood grain Steering wheel
SIVa (after B94100001)Full car with hardtop side or ¾ view showing square doors/hood
S3 thru VView showing data tag, VIN tag and SAL tag together on the right side of scuttle panel.
SVSeats-looking across from driver side to passenger side: Reported coarse “pebble” grain in late cars
SVLate cars with blue block need VIN stamp at right front of engine block near fuel pump.
SI thru VChassis and underside/wheel arches: All models, need panoramic shots front to back and back to rear showing overall finish, brakes, suspension and lines. Close ups of rear end and each wheel
Overall view of original Engine Compartments
Series I1494 cc
Series II & 31592 cc with twin Zenith carburetors;
Series 3 & IV1592 cc with single solex carburetor
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