United XXIII All Rootes Show and Concours d’Elegance

by Tiger Tom

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Keeping within the tradition with TEAE United’s, the composite display of Sunbeams was in a fashionable setting befitting of the high calibre of the automobiles presented to the judges and public alike.  Eric and Bonnie Gibeaut know how to put-on-the-Ritz. They choose a historic site on Sullivan Island where one could take in the view of Fort Sumter, where the civil war began.  Perhaps you have recently read about the raising of the world’s first submarine, the CSS Hunley.

It is now being preserved in the Charelston area. What better place to review an equally significant historical display of Rootes automobiles.

There were a total of sixty-three Rootes automobiles presented, seventeen Alpines, forty-seven Tigers and one Rare Rootes, a Talbot. A first this year, the “All Rootes Show” allowed seven owners to display their vehicles without being judged in the Concours d’Elegance.  Vehicles present ranged from Mark Craigs just painted black beauty stripped rolling Tiger tub, late arrivals, and Sunbeams of other conditions.

The Concours D’Elegance vehicles were separated into two classes Stock and Personalized scrutinized by sixteen Judges, half that barely had enough time to eat the scrumptious lunch catered to the rest of us. These guys and gals who helped tabulate the results certainly don’t work for food.

It was only a few years ago when Bob and Judy, or is it Judy and Bob, whatever, Sharkey were earning Diamond-In-The-Rough awards at every meet they attended. They turned their tortured, battered and wrecked V-6 Alpine into this years first-in-class for Personalized Alpines AND the most prestigious award of all, the peoples popular vote for the car they would most like to own, the “Most Desirable” Sunbeam. The overall quality of vehicles in the “Most Desirable” category is reflected in the quantity of vehicles that were selected for this award. Twenty six were identified and seven were within three points of this years winners. Soooooo many super vehicles!!

At the other end of the concours spectrum is the Diamond-In-The-Rough class. The intrepid Dave Reina and Donna deserve recognition for driving and showing  (Donna doing most of the driving) their award winning Diamond-In-The-Rough Talbot 1400 + miles round trip.

A first for a TEAE United and the marque is the judged “Premiere Rootes” category. This category is intended to set a higher standard of excellence by recognizing those vehicles who have won first in class at any national (United/SUNI) event in the past three years.

Concours d’Elegance

Results of the Judging and Popular vote are fellows.

Class & Category


Stock Alpine 1st Dan & Olivia Hodges VA Blue V
2nd Bob Wegner NJ Silver IV GT
3rd Lynn & Joyce Cardwell VA Red II
Stock Tiger 1st Paul and Viki Sheahan NC BRG MKIA
2nd Alan Rhodes  GA Red, Original MKII
3rd Tom & Pam Jeffers WI White MKIA
Personalized Alpine 1st Bob & Judy Sharkey NJ Blue V V-6
2nd Steven Kirk TX Red II
3rd Judy and Bob Berghult GA Light Green II
Personalized Tiger 1st John & Ian Engle OH Red MKIA
2nd Paul & Kathleen Wojcik VA Red MKIA
3rd Tom & Penny Sandusky PA Ebony Cherry MKIA
Rare Rootes 1st Dave Reina & Donna Koretsky Silver Talbot
Premiere Rootes 1st Jim  Pat Morrison MA Black MKIA
2nd Jean Trace & Bob Webb OH Blue Alp V
3rd John & Laurie Logan MI Black MKII
Most Desirable Alpine Bob Wegner NJ Silver IV GT
Most Desirable Tiger Mark & Nancy Petri NJ BRG MKIA
Most Desirable Rare Rootes Dave Reina & Donna Koretsky


Silver Talbot
Diamond-In-The-Rough Dave Reina & Donna Koretsky


Silver Talbot
Most Desirable Vehicle Bob & Judy Sharkey NJ Alp V V-6

This was the first year an Alpine received the “Most Desirable Vehicle” award I believe, since the since first three TEAE’s Uniteds which were also won by an Alpines owned by Rich Choice and Ernie McCormick.

Send an SASE to Tiger Tom if you would like your Judging Sheet returned.

Next year. The United will be held in the area where the Civil war was WON.  Better study up and defend your American Rootes history.

The United AutoCross was a two part venture.

When the competitors and spectators showed up on enmasse and on time they found an empty parking lot.

Seems the local car leader responsible for putting on the auto-X for TEAE moved out of town and never told his compatriots. So there we were on a sand/dirt filled lot with a few pylons a local brought in. There were no timers, brooms, etc.,  let alone a course layout and a bunch of hot foots who wanted to race.

To make a long story short, we took it upon ourselves to make short course with the few clean patches remaining on the coarse course. About the time we had the course in place a couple of local sports car folks tried to rescue us, bless there hearts and showed up with their trailer and supplies…but no timers. We then turned to the old fashion stopwatch approach.

With the first part completed it was time to start part two. It was just a matter of Dan Fitzgerald, John Engle, TJ Higgins and  a local club person “The bald one”, busily  jumping back and forth between the Start/Finish lines during each of the average 20 second runs multiplied times four for each run the driver received.  It was fast and furious as Pam Jeffers the score keeper can attest. You know these guys and gal were beat.

Pat Bullard became the default traffic director and “loaner” helmet dispenser. Thanks Pat for rallying to the cause. Then there was Dave Johnson who pitched a tent on the course, sat down and became the chief course observer and mentor for first time United Auto-Xer pylon chaser Andy King. If anyone could ever keep track of a driver’s errant off-course and pylon excursions, it is Dave. Nothing escapes David eyes.

We missed Wally this year.  This was an Alpine course and there is no doubt that if Wally was running his Alpine he would have whooped Doug Jennings Tiger butt.

Oddly, there were no 4 cyl Alpines running this year but Doug & Pat Bullard’s wicked Colorado V-6 Alpine impressed the Tiger owners.

Best times are presented.

Stock Alpine None
Modified Alpine Doug Bullard


19.795 – 1st
Personalized Tiger John Logan MK II 18.920 – 1st
Jim Morrison MKIA 19.195 – 2nd
Tiger Tom MKIA 19.405 – 3rd
Ranney Dohogne


John Swift MKI 20.495
Bob Harper MKIA 21.270
Don Johnson MK II DNF
Modified Tiger Doug Jennings MKIA 18.190 – 1st & FTD
Stock Tiger Rick McCurdy MKII 19.765 – 1st
Mark Petri MKIA 19.940 – 2nd
Nick Kinter MKIA 21.130 – 3rd
Tom Jeffers MKIA 21.230
Paul Wojick MKIA 21.335
Andy King MKIA 21.985
Chuck King MKIA 22.500
Other Wanda King 928 Porsche DNF